Mooz’s upcoming EP represents the struggle endured by crack addiction

by the partae

Mooz – Burnt Souls EP
Out December 11th on Hidden Suite

Mooz is set to release a new EP on his imprint Hidden Suite this December. Burnt Souls EP is a musical narrative inspired by crack addiction.

Title track Burnt Souls starts off the release with powerful pounding techno whose anxiety-inducing grating sounds numb the listener with their ubiquity. The less melodic Struggle follows up with hard-hitting rhythms and panicked noisy synth. Over And Over recalls the percussive onslaught of the previous track while the xylophone-like melody renders the thickly layered track paradoxically hollow with ricocheting reverb. Finally, Crack ends the EP on an ominous note when the fast-paced beat fades into obscurity, leaving only the morose synth behind.

Experience the chaotic depths of addiction with Burnt Souls EP, coming your way December 11th.

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