MOD CON unveil ‘X-Ray’, the third single from upcoming album Modern Condition

by the partae

Rounding out a trilogy of cacophonous singles plucked from their upcoming album Modern Condition, Melbourne’s MOD CON today reveal the sci-fi boogie epic, ‘X-Ray’. The latest single celebrates the impending arrival of the wiry post-punk trio’s highly anticipated second studio release, due Friday October 22 and available to pre-order on all formats via Melbourne label Poison City Records here

Building on the momentum of MOD CON’s hugely successful previous singles, ‘Learner in an Alpha’ and‘Ammo’‘X-Ray’ is a wondrous melange of surf warble and boogie syncopations that punctuate Erica Dunn’s declamatory vocals on voyeurism, identity and power. Exploring the subjective, multi-faced and erratic, ‘X-Ray’ is an exercise in making amends with mayhem.

“What is it about looking? It’s fleeting and constant. What do you remember that you looked at? What parts of the image stay with you? Are some bits of the image imagined? What are you looking for? Does the image have a truth to tell? Is that image worth something? The shadow of data collection and introspection of our patterns and payslips and preferences and prejudice hangs over us all.

“This song is a weird back and forth to an unnamed other, it’s an invitation for them to examine all the atoms, molecules, chaos inside me and tell me what’s going on. It’s scepticism that this information is readily available or useful and undermines its ability to be turned into power.”

Out next week, MOD CON‘s forthcoming second LP Modern Condition marks as the propelling sequel release in a triptych of LPs that documents the evolving musicality of bandmates Erica DunnSara Retallick and Raquel Solier in their most refined and heady sound to date.

Recorded with acclaimed engineer John Lee (Laura Jean, Love Of Diagrams, Blake Scott) at Phaedra Studios Melbourne, the album bottles hardy post-punk industrialism and hyper-focused world wariness with the tongue-in-cheek incendiary lyricism a direct extension of its predecessor’s legacy.

Modern Condition

Friday 22 October
Poison City Records

1. Ammo
2. Cool It!
3. Learner in an Alpha
4. Mouth of Stone
5. I Saw a Rat
6. Agadir 1960
7. X-Ray
8. Is Your Heart a Joke?
9. Electric Whip

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