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Where are you currently based? 

Mostly Fremantle and partly Margaret River  

How did you first start playing music? 

My mum is a singer/songwriter, my dad comes from a big Maori family where everyone is singing  so I was always singing since I can remember. Piano was the first instrument I got lessons on at  around 8, but I just wanted to play from feeling and couldn’t wrap my head around theory at that  age so I ditched it, picked up the guitar at 14years old when my dad was learning I wanted to learn  too and I’ve hardly put it down since!  

What’s been happening recently? 

Riding the waves of life and pondering the universe whilst also releasing our newest EP just last  week. 5 tracks that we love. Preparing for our big launch party gig coming up next week Friday 19  Nov at The Rechabite AND filming a music video for one of the new tracks ‘Immortal’, to name a  few things.  

Your EP ‘Feet In The Sky, Eyes To The Ground’ is out now, what influenced the sound and  songwriting? 

I would say there are two parts to this EP with different approaches.. The first half is the huge  tracks ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Temple’ that were written with all of us in the band, an extension of our debut  album but we were inspired to make something more long-form, poetic and express an inner  journey spirit-quest of love, loss, depression, hope, elation, descent, tragedy, chaos, self destruction… The whole thing goes for about 15minutes. The second half of the EP ‘A Rose In The  Darkness’, ‘Cry Of The Banshee’ and ‘Immortal’ were written more solo, more stripped back, more  bare and orchestral influenced by dark mythic monsters and lovers, desiring to share more  romance and vulnerability. The thread of the whole EP is a more open vulnerability, especially  lyrically.  

How did you go about writing the EP? 

Kingdom and Temple were approached through the usual process where I bring something in to  play with that I want to explore, we jam and try things out, go away and come back fresh and  repeat the process before eventually coming to something of a song of some kind, testing it out live  a number of times before demoing it. The other tracks were written mostly alone, on a piano, in  dark and romantic spaces with dark and romantic lovers and spirits lurking around before taking  them to the band to be played with and incorporating the violin, cello and flute to the compositions.  

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with? 

We recorded with Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios at the same time we recorded the In The Allure  album around 2018, so they have been ready to enter the world for some time. It’s always  wonderful working with Andy. William Bowden mastered, he always makes it sound ace.  

How did you approach the recording process? 

We went into the studio with demos and spent around 10 days recording this EP and the whole In  The Allure album. It was all a bit of a jumble because that’s around 15 pretty complicated, intricate,  diverse songs. But we would focus on a few at a time to keep it somewhat contained, laying down  the bare bones and then experimenting with Andy’s creative influence as a producer on top. Laying 

vocals down I always set up a dark, moody space and that was particularly important for this  collection of songs because they are much more smokey and sensitive.  

What does this EP mean to you? 

Like all body’s of creative work, it means so much. This one particularly represents a more  personal and courageous statement of artistic authenticity against whatever labels may have been  placed on me before. In the courage to share more personally, more intimately, more sweetly  there’s a stripping back of the layers of ego that may have been present in other works. It  represents more light and more in service of Beauty and Love, and that makes it a very totemic  piece for me.  

The Launch is: Friday 19th November at The Rechabite Perth with New Talk, The Wedges,  Essie Foxglove, Bobby Knox, Ginava Tickets – What can we expect? 

It’s going to be HUGE! We will be playing 3 sets of music with everything from the cosmic-heavy psychedelic rock Moana, to the new orchestral dark love ballad Moana, to the progressive-surreal sound-journey Moana. We are collaborating with avant grade performance artist Essie Foxglove  and extraordinary dancer-performer Bobby Knock to perform pieces in our set too. We are grateful  to be supported by live music acts New Talk and new band on the block The Wedges and  performance artist Ginava will be entertaining between sets. So it’s going to be jam packed full of  creativity, great music and performance all night long in the epic space of The Rechabite hall. Can’t  wait!!  

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

I’m currently immersing myself in Ibeyi, Emma Donovan, Lana Del Rey, Blood Cultures, Nina  Simone and Alicia Keys!  

What do you like to do away from music? 

Time in nature, spiritual-medicine-feminine practises, dancing, reading, writing, adventuring and  introverting…  

What’s planned for the remainder of 2021 going into 2022? 

Following on from the EP launch at The Rechabite we will be doing a south-west show at The  River, December 17th to celebrate the EP launch, plus another very epic slow supporting the OG  Red Engine Caves Dec 3rd at The Naval Store AND we will have a new music-art film dropping for  ‘Immortal’ in the coming months!  

Favourite food and place to hangout? 

Get me some gourmet vegan sushi and Tom Yum and let’s sit outside under the stars somewhere.


Friday 19th November The Rechabite Perth Tickets

with New Talk, The Wedges, Essie Foxglove, Bobby Knox, Ginava

EP: ‘Feet In The Ground, Eyes To The Sky’ is released Friday 5th November.

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