Milky Lane – Crows Nest – Review

by the partae
Milky Lane

Photography & Words – @Dansoasis

Milky LaneVegan Big Poppa Burger

Grilled beef patty with vegan cheese, vegan smoked maple streaky bacon, vegan Mac & cheese, pulled bbq jack fruit, vegan chipotle aioli, Smokey bbq sauce.

You wouldn’t even know it was all vegan and gluten friendly… The Vegan Big Poppa Burger tastes as a good as it looks, with a soft, fresh gluten-free AND vegan approved bun.

Vegan Big Poppa Burger

Scotch Fingers Bake ‘N’ Shake (Mega Shake)

Scotch fingers and vanilla cheese cake shake with a shortbread frosted rim covered with crushed scotch fingers, topped with a huge chunk of baked New York cheese cake and finished with a Nutella foam swirl and stacks of Nutella. Looks overwhelming… BUT it isn’t! The delicious creamy combination of the scotch finger/cheese cake shake is a favourite for many Milky Lane customers. Not only do you get the thick, milky goodness of the shake itself – but Nutella, scotch fingers, AND a giant chunk of cheesecake to top it off.

Scotch Fingers Bake ‘N’ Shake (Mega Shake)

Bubblegum Sour

Bacardi carta pro, bubblegum syrup, lemon, apple, egg white, topped with fairy floss and toast marshmallow. The perfect beverage for someone with a sweet tooth, the Bubblegum Sour went down a treat – it was sweet, yet sour, fruity, yet tart…

Bubblegum Sour

Hot chips

Crunchy and salty on the outside, melt in your mouth potato on the inside.. WHAT IS THE ML SECRET SAUCE?! Milky Lane’s hot chips and dip are the drop of the leader board, that’s for sure..

Bondi Sour

42 below vodka, Aperol, passion fruit, pineapple, vanilla, egg A tropical treat with a touch of vanilla that softens the tangy taste of the passion fruit/pineapple… sure to remind you of your childhood with its sherbert-like tinge.


Wagyu Beef Patties

Double American cheese, butter lettuce, pickles, diced onions, sliced tomato, ML sauce, ML ketchup… say no more! The pairing of the tender wagyu beef with the cheese, and Milky Lane sauce’s was the perfect combination.

Wagyu Beef Patties

Popcorn Chicken

Crunchy, southern fried chicken coating succulent pieces of tender chicken. A dream duo when dipped in Milky Lane’s gravy sauce.

Milky Lane Pop Corn Chicken


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