Miles Bonny Releases New Ta-Ku Produced EP, “Let It Out,” Out Today Via Bastard Jazz

by the partae


RELEASES NEW EP: “LET IT OUT” PROD. TA-KU Out Today, October 20th,  Via Bastard Jazz

STREAM: Spotify | Bandcamp

“Emotive, evocative and intimate, Miles Bonny merges perfectly with Ta-Ku’s soulfully sound beat work. For audiophiles looking for a project that’s full of personal reflection and a chilled-out vibe then “I’ll Be Here For You” is what you need ASAP.”

“Bonny recorded the work in a forest cabin that he converted into a studio, powered by solar and complete with a water filtration system – maybe it’s that home-grown nature shining through in the music that makes it so unique.”

“Downtempo though it may be, Bonny’s thoughtful vocals and Ta-Ku’s crisp beats come together with an uplifting message of positivity.”

What started out as a simple email exchange between a young, hungry beatmaker and a seasoned player in the worlds of jazz and midwestern indie hip-hop, has resulted in a vibrant record nearly a decade in the making. On one side of new EP, “Let It Out,” sits Miles Bonny, a long time musical collaborator who spent his youth soaking in powerful musical moments in NYC under the tutelage of his trumpet-slinging father, Francis Bonny, and later as a teen immersed in New York’s busy indie-hip-hop scene. As he grew up Miles cemented himself a niche in the Midwest, most notably in Lawrence, Kansas where tireless forays into beatmaking led to the founding of the much-lovedINnatesounds Crew and record label, as well as a series of solo releases and collaborative projects.

Eventually shifting his focus to his own vocal stylings, it wasn’t long before Miles caught the attention of the international music community, including the young, curious ears of the at time unknown, soon-to-be future R&B sensation Ta-Ku. Through a series of emails and conversations, Ta-Ku asked to send Miles beats and the two planned to work on a series of tracks. From there the pair developed a friendship that was built upon mutual encouragement and a creative admiration between two artists both navigating their own personal and professional responsibilities.

A record Okayplayer describes as “emotive, evocative and intimate, the “Let It Out” EP, released on Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings, acts as the culmination of such an intimate and organic journey. Recorded by Miles in Kansas City during a time he was experiencing the oft-turbulent tasks of true adulthood, the record focus on the life of a young father, underpinned by how we often bottle up difficult emotions and creativity when the pressures of today’s complicated world reach fever pitch. Brimming with emotive, intimate lyrics from Miles spread amidst Ta-Ku’s soul-drenched beat work and syrupy future grooves, the EP will hit close to home for anyone whose daily lives calls for a much needed dose of personal reflection and chilled-out decompression.


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