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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

Still based in my hometown Berlin which is as most people define it the capital of techno or electronic music. Berlin’s got so many different subcultures when it comes to music, I don’t even witness them all but the rave scene is still very strong. Main reason would be that we don’t have actual closing times. Everyones pretty much connected to each other also through the party scene i guess and I have the feeling that you as a musician or as an artistic person in any way can only profit from that. I feel very privileged sometimes to be surrounded by so many creative ppl, but also it’s like living in a bubble sometimes. I spent almost 30 years in this amazing city and I’m ready for something new so I´ll be leaving my love next year for a while. thats the plan at least..

On August 10 you will be releasing your EP ‘Welcome to the V’ where and when did you record?

Actually this time we used a proper microphone (thanks to mr. chopstick), other than on „Times“ where I recorded all of the songs at home (which I usually prefer) only because the productions on the new record are a bit more pretentious and we felt like the quality of the vocals must definitely go along with this development. The sessions took place in the Suol Studios a couple of months ago.

What influenced the songwriting for Welcome to the V?

The lyrics are very strong on this one. I know I write a lot about unfulfilled love and all that cheesy stuff but I consider myself a strong young woman so in my head it was about time to be more aggressive, provocative and confident when writing texts.

What programs and equipment did you use?
We mainly used the TR8 drum machine for creating a basic beat.

DSI Prophet 6 and a Korg M1 for the sounds on top.

Did you collaborate with anybody?

Yes. Since this year i’m working with my new won buddy Pablo Mateo and its the best what could have happened to me since we share the same vision of music and, whats most important of making it. He put a lot of money into a modular system which he uses to give my songs the final touch.

You are an accomplished DJ, Producer, vocalist and songwriter who has collaborated with a lot of artists over the years including Rampa, Re. You, Pete Tong, Till Von Sein via labels such as Defected, Keinemusik and Suol, how do you usually end up working with different artists and labels?

As i said, You meet people on parties, festivals, through other artists etc.. People know your musical output and so do I. If someone’s asking me for a collab it is usually persons who are kind of on the same level musically so that working together on a song makes sense in the end. Of course I feel like after all these years I can allow myself to be more picky with whom I wanna work with and with whom not, but there are definitely some artists/labels I will probably work with again and again and again just cause you don’t change a winning team, right?

How did you first start  DJing and Producing and playing music in general? 

I was a singer in the first place, always was. In puberty I lost my confidence in singing somehow, my father took me to a few competitions and I think I just wasn’t ready to be put under pressure like that. When I was around 16 or 17 friends showed me how to mix records. I bought my first pair of turntables, 3 channel mixer, started buying records and practicing in my “childrens room“(to the pleasure of my mother..).  Back then Myspace was still a thing, where I uploaded some covers on which I sang. This is how my first collabo (with and David Keno) came about.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

In the summertime I listen to r’n’b music mainly (VanJess, Goldlink, Kelela, The Internet etc..), lots of instrumental stuff too like Freddie Joachim or one of my favs Uku Kuut from Estonia. What I’m really curious about is Tirzah’s first album which is set to be released this year. Big fan!

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

1. Working on new music 2. Improving my live set 3. Stay healthy

What do you like to do outside of music?

Last year I got into university again so this is my second job now 😉

And yeah, the usual stuff: hanging out with friends, family, smoking weed, go to clubs, bars, restaurants.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ceviche so chicha and la lucha are the places to go. Also I hang out at Beuster Bar quite often, great food and drinks! For coffee I can recommend 21grams or Tres Cabezas.

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