Max Styler Remixes Prince Fox’s “Just Call” on Dim Mak

by the partae

Artists: Prince Fox
Title: Just Call feat. Bella Thorne (Max Styler Remix)
Label: Dim Mak
Release date: 20 October 2017

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Everyone can relate to the thrill of seeing their phone light up to the ring from a romantic interest-or, in this case, an addictive but poisonous lover. Press play on Dim Mak‘s newest release from Max Styler for all the feels of a star-crossed relationship without any of the drama. Styler remixes Prince Fox‘s “Just Call” with a flair of melodic basslines and futuresque synths that complement the original’s dueling vocals between Foxand Bella Thorne. “Just Call” is a really cool track with a great vocal, so when I found out Prince Foxwanted me to remix the song I was really pumped!” says Styler, “I had a great time working on this one and I’m super stoked with how it turned out.” With its relatable lyrics and funky melodies, this is one track that you can belt your heart out to in the car or move to on the dancefloor. “Just Call” as well as Styler‘s recent track “Secrets” show the young artist crafting a different sound that is groovier and more experimental than his earlier productions, signifying a maturing of his craft.

Max Styler signed with Steve Aoki‘s famed Dim Mak imprint when he was only 18 years old, making him one of the youngest producers to be signed on such an esteemed record label at the time. 2017 has been a phenomenal year so far for the San Luis Opisbo native; his recent EP “Heartache” was quoted by Insomniacas an album that “defies genre classification and puts Styler in a league of select artists who have both mass commercial appeal and significant underground clout.” In addition, his track “Roller Coaster” rose to number three on the Beatport charts during its first week, followed by the epic “Knock Me Down” with MAKJ and his three track “Gold” and “Deep Dream” remix package. We can’t wait to see what Max Stylercomes up with next, so stay posted for more sultry lyrics and exquisite basslines from this rising young star.

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