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What is your name? Where are you currently based?

My name is Julia Matuss and I am currently based in NYC.

Please tell us why Abe Duque and yourself started your new NYC limited edition vinyl imprint label Absence Seizure ?

Idea of a label came together, while I was working at music production school Dubspot with Abe. When you meet inspirational and likeminded people, you want to create and start something new and exciting. That’s how Absence Seizure came to life.

What can we expect to be released out of Absence Seizure?

I really would like to stay away from expectations and go for surprise factor, hopefully a good one:)

Why did you choose to release on vinyl?

Will take a chance on sounding “cheesy”, but I listen to my heart. And my heart wants vinyl. It just feels like a right thing to do and it makes me happy.

What equipment and programs do you use?

I’ve been devoted for several years to Bitwig, works great for me.

Analog or digital?

Both. Analog Rytm by Elektron is most recent favorite.

Seizure No.8 is your latest EP, what influenced the sound of this EP?

Nostalgia and Fairy Tales. I love Fairy Tales.

Image credit :  Nichole Washington

Where did you record and produce?

I have a studio at home..but I always try to do something everyday, even on the road. Goal is to keep it moving:)

How do you decide on which tracks to put together for each release?

Intuition, to me it’s a same thing as sets playing – everything just comes together, like a puzzle kind.

How do you prepare for each live show?

Just buy new records, that I have a connection with… play it at home for friends, so I can have a better idea about them and how it fits into previous collection.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Bossanova and Jazz. I am trying to learn Portuguese and go live in Brazil for some time.

What influences your sound?

Oh, so many things, really!!! Emotions for sure…I just catch a wave and ride.

Where do you think electronic music will be in 5 years?

Hopefully, more towards roots. Honest. More about music.

When and where are you playing next?

I am planning trip to Europe and Detroit, very much looking forward to it!
Thank you:)

Favorite food and place?

Cucumbers and beach.

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