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Marco Resmann

Tour Dates

Friday 22nd SeptemberRevolver Upstairs, Melbourne
Saturday 23rd SeptemberPawn & Co., Melbourne

Marco Resmann is a DJ/producer/label owner who has his finger in a lot of musical pies. After gaining a serious interest for electronic music in the mid 90s, Marco has gone on to become a label owner at Upon.You Records, he’s worked as part of iconic techno collaborations like Luna City Express and Pan-Pot, and he’s hosted his own events at venues all over the globe including Watergate and Berlin’s Panorama Bar (a run that went for six years straight). During his rein Marco has also performed at Fusion, SonneMondSterne, 3000Grad Festival and Melt!, as well as at venues DC10, Warung and D-Edge. In August alone Marco played fifteen shows across every major dance capital of Europe.

Just before the European summer arrived, Marco released his four-track EP ‘Voyager’ on his own imprint Upon.You Records. The EP is a head-hunting instalment of driving techno and is full of spine-tingling jungle drums blended with expertly morphed futuristic synths and rolling glitches. It brings some serious heat to the party, a skill that Marco Resmann has made himself very well known for indeed.

Berlin. The mid 90s. The home and the heart of electronic music with its countless legal and not-exactly-legal venues, a flourishing scene embracing all kinds of genres from techno to house and beyond, with tapes on circulation, regular radio shows and an annual climax named Loveparade. Infected by and brought up on this wide ranged diet of electronic sounds Marco Resmann started to work on what should become his profession of the future. Lead by his never ending love for house music he stepped up on stage, eventually started to promote parties and built his Audiogain studio where he continuously honed and refined his production skills on analogue gear.

Soon this steady work paid off in form of a first release on Martin Landsky‘s IntimRecordings as well as other highly acclaimed 12“es under his former artist aliasPhage. Around this time in the mid-noughties Marco Resmann also became part of the production force named Pan-Pot which redefined the trippier side of minimal techno at the time.

Apart from these projects, it was another fruitful collaboration that was meant to last. After meeting and immediately clicking with Norman Weber they started to DJ together on a regular basis before they joined forces in the studio, establishing their project Luna City Express as a main project of Moon Harbour Recordings with numerous EPs, remixes and a widely praised album named Hello From Planet Earth, all of them providing tasteful, open minded house music from Germany.

Backed by this experience and an excellent reputation a DJ Marco Resmann joined the world famous Berlin-based Watergate club as a resident in 2006 and has played countless nights in this hallowed space ever since as well as graced the tenth anniversary volume of the Watergate Mix-CD series with a flawless tour de force ride through his personal club favourites and anthems in February 2012 – a mix that can be considered a milestone in his remarkable career so far.

A career that came full circle when Marco Resmann finally joined forces with one of his first advocates, DJ and producer Martin Landsky, for their first collaboration release ‘Lava‘ which was put on the circuit via Upon. You in 2015.

As a solo producer his discography includes critically acclaimed remixes and releases on imprints like Watergate RecordsUpon.YouPoker Flat and, lately, the Brazilian imprint Warung Recordings, all of which are serving a unique fusion of house and techno with a recognisable twist and a love for detailed, complex arrangements.

But there’s even more to Marco Resmann than being the expert producer who fully masters his craft and DJ who is playing out to devoted crowds on a regular. HostingUpon.You label nights at Berlin’s famous Panorama Bar for six years has played an essential role in Marco Resmann‘s approach towards extended DJ sets with whom he pleases crowds all over the globe – from German festival sites like Fusion andMelt! to internationally renowned venues like DC10Upon.You showcases all over Europe, Watergate @ Sonar Off Week as well as Brazilian superclubs like Warungand D-Edge as well as in other South American countries where he is greeted by an especially dedicated, loving following whenever he touches down at any location in this part of the world.

As co-founder of the Berlin-based Upon.You Records, one of the major forces in the international club scene since 2007, Marco Resmann has been spotting upcoming talent and consistently invested dedicated, straight-up work in the house he and his labelmates have built – labelwise and also with their associated booking agencyUpon.You Bookings.


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