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What is your name?

Martin. I chose Mar-t as an obvious no-brainer. It sounds similar to my first name pronounced in Catalan J

Where are you currently based?

i’m based between ibiza and barcelona.

You’re the longest running DJ at Ibiza superclub Amnesia back ever since 1999, how has the dance scene changed in Ibiza back since you very first began playing?

It has dramatically changed. It used to be all about House music and Trance, and some Goa Trance. Ibiza resident DJs where super respected and people would come listen to the sound of Ibiza. There were no mobile phones, no Internet, it was only about the music and flirting with girls. Techno arrived afterwards and it was great!! But now, honestly people have no respect for music. They want to listen to radio DJs (EDM) or to DJs they think are headliners, even if they don’t like them…. People don’t have the patience anymore to experiment new things.

Your career started in the mid 90’s, how did you first start in DJing and producing?

I started with my Atari 1040 st but I didn’t get into serious stuff until i joined some friends and we started to produce “real” tracks. As for DJing, I started playing in basement parties in my hometown, Sitges. I was making some money playing for the older kids and from there i started playing at clubs.

You received the ‘Best resident of the Year award’ at the illustrious Ibiza DJ awards, what is it about your style of music and how you play that led to you winning this prestigious award?

I had been DJing in Ibiza parties, doing 6 hour-sets on many occasions and mixing all the genres I was into at that time (House, tech House, electro and techno), it used to be called Balearic House at the time… It was a mix of all styles – something which now is obsolete, and can make sets boring. Anyway after a while, I started hosting in 2011 the “I WANT MY MTV” parties at Amnesia, in the main room together with Layo & Bushwacka! and guest DJs. Guess people liked it!

This year has seen a huge array of your own remixes and releases:


– remix for Darius Syrossian (Wow! Recordings)

– remix for Davina Moss (Twisted Fusion)

– remix for Emanuel Satie (Saved Records)

– remix for UMEK (Form Music, POPOF’s label)

– remix for Dale Howard (elrow Records)


– Harry’s EP- Mar-T & Betoko (ivav Records), Steve Lawler’s label

– A new EP, “You See Me” is coming up on Viva Limited

– A new EP is coming up on Wow! Recordings with a Detlef remix, no name yet!

How do you usually decide which track and artist it is that you’re going to remix? 

Friendly connections and swaps are the key… Not so much for commercial reasons.

When remixing which programs do you use and how did you learn the art of remixing?

I have been using Ableton since it was launched. It was easier to use and I’m not a patient person; I must say that I nearly always produce with Luca Donzelli because he contributes to making my work faster and easier. I would be lying if I said I’m all by myself at the studio, although sometimes I do some parts alone. I really enjoy teamwork.

Do you have a favourite remix to date?

I really like the remix we did for Gorgon City,“Smile”. It’s a timeless track.

What or who influences your music writing process?

All of my background, from rock music to electronic music to acid to techno to reggae… All of it !!! My influence is defined by what I normally like when I go clubbing, that is why I think it’s essential to listen to other DJs playing various genres, except for EDM… nothing interesting there.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

It ranges from Arcade Fire to Jamie xx to diiv…

Where do you usually produce / record?

At my studio in Barcelona or Ibiza.

What equipment and programs do you use when producing?

As I mentioned previously, Ableton live and a wide selection of analogue synths from Dave Smith, and Korg. I also use many plugins of course. Don’t go crazy investing in studio equipment; it all starts with basic tools.

Who is your favourite DJ and also producer?

I honestly could not say right now.

When and where are you playing next?

I’m right now on holidays in Peru taking a break! I will then go to Mozambique and South Africa, I’ll be in Cape town for New Year’s Eve so … No dates for now.

What can we expect for the future?

I really hope classic House music comes back with proper vocals and melodies.

Favourite food and place to hang out?

I love sashimi… raw food!! All places with the right crowd are amazing.





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