Maelstrom releases new mini LP ‘Alph4’

by the partae
Credit: Anthéa Ferreira

With releases on BNR Trax, Minimal Wave’s Cititrax and a regular on Zone Records, French producer and RAAR co-founder Maelstrom makes his debut on Sheffield’s CPU with ‘Alph4’, a seven track electro-learning mini LP. Maelstrom’s sound on Alph4 is comparable to Aphex Twin’s more restrained Analord output. Focussed, highly detailed production alongside an abundance of evocative synth melodies will ensure these tracks becom firm favourites with foward thinking DJs and electronic music fans.

“This album is a constantly moving orgy of machine song”

“Comparing a producer’s output to Aphex Twin is something of a moot point in 2018, but the seven takes here really do bare the influence of Richard D. James.”
 A surprisingly impressive EP from the Paris based producer”
 Sharply contoured, inventive electro mutations from Maelstrom”
“This track (Letter rom M) is a wonderfull addition to my electro pile”
Red Bull Radio’s First Floor
GIBUS & RAAR present ‘Benevolent Anarchy’

Designed as a research platform between techno, punk, and experimental music, RAAR shakes up the norms and proposes a daring and out of frame gathering. During these 3 nights, you will find artists known for crossing the borders/not imposing limits. An event which will occur 3 Fridays during the month of March at Gibus, Paris.

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