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Out Friday September 8 on Lucky Me via Inertia Music
Listen to first single “Distrust” featuring Denzel Curry & C9

Lunice Pierre II.,who 4-years ago played a part in influencing key names in hip hop towards contemporary electronic music, today announces the release of his debut full length album CCCLX (pronounced “360”), out Friday September 8 on LuckyMe via Inertia Music.

Along with the announce Lunice has dropped the powerful single “Distrust”, featuring rhymes from Denzel Curry and two members of his C9 crew: JK The Reaper & Nell. Pairing the innate and vivid experimentalism of both camps, Lunice and the 2016 XXL Freshman bring raw, hard hitting bars of political spiritualism standing up to oppressive relationships and institutions.


Known for his powerfully minimal production, on “Distrust” Lunice tears through an undulating arrangement that flows from triumphant DJ Mustard to suspenseful cinematic-score to dance production. Fellow LuckyMe member S-Type mixed and engineered the record, while the members of C9 pass the baton between them (the track runs from Denzel to JK The Reaper to Nell and back to Denzel). 

The track then opens up into an instrumental with punched-in Denzel one shots for a bomb-squad meets night-slugs finale. Lunice and C9 have met on the road numerous times over the past two years. This collaboration comes after a series of conversations about frienemies and Lunice’s vision for the forthcoming album CCCLX. Be warned this one could cause riots when performed live by either of these two. A perfect collaboration.

Since his work with Hudson Mohawke on TNGHT made the world take notice of a scene of club focused beats incubated in basements in Glasgow, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles & Montreal – Lunice has managed to ride the opportunities of major label rap production without losing sight of his influences. On CCCLX, he’s created a genre-defying soundtrack record that fuses rap and club music with the colours of dark orchestral patches and soft-synths. 

Lunice has developed a scene of young local Quebec MCs (Speng & CJ Flemming) who frequently use his studio – and brought them in alongside international guests like SOPHIEKing MezLe1f & Denzel Curry. For the past two years Lunice observed albums by his peers using guests to gain some fans. For his own record though – he kept the family close. Every guest was recorded in person, and their verses are whipped into the mix of club songs: with vocals handled like solos to the production which sits front and centre. 

In the past Lunice has said in interviews that he loves the cinematic drama of huge southern rap records – their horns, swells and explosions. With CCCLX he sought to take it further working with musical directors and additional instruments to expand around his rattling minimal beats. While the record will reward anyone alone, on night drives and headphones — to see Lunice perform this record you’ll notice every drum hit feels deliberately placed for his movement and the interludes correspond with looks and choreography — a performance completely unique to any one else in hip hop or dance music.


1. CCCLX – I (Curtain) (feat. CJ Flemings)
2. Tha Doorz
3. Drop Down (feat. SOPHIE & Le1f)
4. Elevated (feat. CJ Flemings & King Metz)
5. Mazerati
6. Freeman (feat. CJ Flemings & Speng)
7. CCCLX – II (Intermission)
8. Distrust (feat. Denzel Curry& C9)
9. CCCLX – III (Costume) (feat. Mike Dean)
10. O.N.O
11. CCCLX – IV (Black Out) feat. Syv De Blare)

CCCLX by Lunice is out Friday September 8 on Lucky Me via Inertia Music
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