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Where are you currently based?
I live in Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset in the south-west of the UK. It’s an old Victorian seaside town about 2-3 hours from London and only 20 minutes from Bristol airport which is pretty handy. 
Most of my family lives local and all my friends that I grew up with too 🙂
What have you been up to lately?  
Well I’ve been working a lot in Sweden with other songwriters. I also have a couple of really close friends, Marcus and Hjalmar from Stockholm, who come over here and stay and write with me.
I’ve also been doing some writing and recording around London.
And I play a few shows, mostly local, which is fun and means I can keep the old voice exercised. 
Which artists have you been working with?
Mostly, I’ve been working with other songwriters. My most recent collaboration has been with Jöregen Elofsson who’s had some amazing success writing songs for Kelly Clarkson (‘Stronger’), Will Young, Leona Lewis and many others – we wrote a couple of great songs during my last trip to Sweden and we’re writing some more songs in the next week when I’m back over there.
Also recently a new guy on the scene in Sweden called Nuschi  remixed a song ‘Broken’ that I wrote with Hjalmar and I’m pretty happy with how that turned out.
I have friends locally who I play a lot with like James who often gigs with me. We do lots of harmony based songs and we work really great together.
How do these collaborations generally come about?
My manager introduces me to other writers and Sony has too. 
I also have quite a lot of songwriter friends that I’ve met and worked with over the last few years like Marcus and Hjalmar, and we often get together too. It’s useful having a studio at my family’s home where we can put people up. And we all get fed too 😀
Please describe how your writing / creative process takes place:
It’s different with everyone. It might be an idea that someone brings into the room. It might be that we have a chat and talk about personal stuff or things that are happening out there and an idea comes out of that. There’s no rules. If something works you go with it and if it isn’t you stop and start something else.
What programs / equipment do you use to record / produce?
I use Logic in my studio but a few of my friends use Pro Tools – it’s easy to move between programs too.
What influences your sound?
The music I love, the people I work with and wanting to create a Luke Potter sound which I think is becoming clearer now. 
Your first single ‘Something More ‘ was released on a major label (Sony / Family Tree in Sweden) back in late March 2017 – it’s now had nearly 12 million Spotify streams!  What do you think it is about this track that has allowed it to become such a success?
It’s a very personal song that I think people can relate to. I think we all hope that there’s something more to life and that isn’t necessarily about money or material things. It can be love, happiness and all the things that are fulfilling. 
It also helps to have a major record company like Sony promoting the song and believing in it which they do.
How did the Sony deal come about?
A year or two back Record of the Day in the UK made one of my songs, ‘Do You Love Me’, their Record of the Day. It got quite good feedback and I was contacted by an agent in London (who’s now my manager) asking if he could promote me to Record Companies. So I kept sending him new things I did and if he liked them then he’d work to find companies that might like them too. Then out of the blue Sony / Family Tree in Sweden heard ‘Something More’ that I wrote with Marcus and Hjalmar and liked it. They organised a remix with Andrelli (also in Sweden) who’d had major success with a song called ‘Lighthouse’ by Hearts & Colours. The song was part of a licensing deal but I’m happy to say that I just signed an artist deal with them so I they really believe in me which is awesome.
This single was licensed to Sony and they’ve signed you to an artist deal which is amazing, how has it been working with Sony?  
Sony are great. We’re already planning the next single release and I’m doing promo and getting photography when I’m over in Sweden next week. Really excited for 2018!
How have things changed / progressed for you since the signing with Sony?
I feel a lot more confident about things and have been working even harder on songs and song ideas. Yeah, it’s been exciting and I think that’s really rubbed off on me in a good way.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
A band called The Midnight who are fairly new I think – hope they do well. I found them on Spotify and they’re a bit 80s but really cool sounding. 
And I’m always listening to current pop music and old favourites like Jimmy Eat World, One Republic, Chainsmokers, Ed Sheehan, Bleu and lots of others. Lots of different styles attract me if the song is good.
What can we expect to hear for the future?
Well there’s a new single out early next year that is being mixed at the moment and we’re writing for the next single too. Then, hopefully, it’ll be the album. I have so many songs that want to get out there for people to hear. 
And I’m going to be doing more shows and I’m working with my friends here on a solo set that I can tour.
When and where are you playing next?
No dates other than local but looks like early next year I’ll be out touring.
Favourite food and place to hangout?
Fave food is pizza and my Mum’s Sunday roast. Fave place to hang out is home with my friends with a few beers.

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