LOVE DELUXE Reveals Debut Single + Video – ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ + Signs To Soothsayer

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Love Deluxe is a feeling. It’s a beautiful sunset. It’s more than climate change, it is its own climate. Sun, sweat, steam and spritz. Today it is with the greatest of pleasure Soothsayer introduce the world to their newest family member, Love Deluxe.

Mysterious Sydney musician Love Deluxe is an unknown quantity but a very familiar feeling; conjuring images of hot days and longs nights. Love Deluxe makes music to worship the sun to – sprinkling cosmic synth lines over dusty drums that pack a punch. The artist makes you miss what you never had but always deserved.

Today marks the release of Love Deluxe’s incredible debut single ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ which will feature on an EP from the artist out later this year. The song came together really quickly for Love Deluxe – the hook was improvised in one take and is simple, pentatonic and undeniably catchy. The title of the track is a reference to Keanu Reeves’ Hawaiian name meaning. Love Deluxe thought the title and sound of the track were the perfect marriage.

‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ premiered locally on triple j Good Nights last Thursday to resoundingly positive feedback. The stream received its first moment in the light on i-D on Friday and featured in their Top 10 for the week.

The single comes as a one-two punch alongside what could be one of this year’s most memorable video clips produced and directed by the remarkably creative team at Lost Art (the team behind The Avalanches artwork) who are on board for Love Deluxe’s artistic direction. The video premiered on Friday on Creative Review, the world’s leading magazine and website for advertising, design and visual culture.

VIDEO: ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ by Love Deluxe

“When Soothsayer first shared the Love Deluxe demos with us, what stood out was that it was hard to place a time period on the music. For all we knew, they were created 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or yesterday. I think for that reason they reminded us of some of the classic magazines we love that also seem to defy time – like Photo, Twen, Eros, Nova, Absolu. Their fashion sensibilities also felt a fit to Love Deluxe’s general smoothness.

“Working backwards, we reached out to photographer Hans Feurer, who’d been contributing to many of the aforementioned magazines since the 1960’s. It was a real thrill to work with his imagery.

The ‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountains’ video was an expansion of the EP and Single artwork thinking – although greatly more time consuming to realise. We worked with assorted archives including Associated Press and British Movietone to obtain the footage, with much back and forth – but well worth it we hope,” explain Chris Hopkins and Axel Moline (Lost Art).

Buckle up and allow Love Deluxe to teleport you to another era and another place.

‘Cool Breeze Over The Mountain’ – Love Deluxe
Out now through Soothsayer
Available for streaming & purchase here

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