‘Long Mover’ Is the Sunlit Summer Single On Golden Age of Ballooning’s 10-track Special Edition ‘Illusion of Control’ EP (Out Now)

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“More of those lush harmonies and warm tones on this song.” 

(Zan Rowe, Triple J) [about single ‘Calling Me’]

“Very classy and classic sounding stuff here” 

(Richard Kingsmill, Triple J) [about single ‘Love & War’]

“Calling Me is a massive track that doubles as both a dose of indie goodness and an intricate psychedelic experience.” (Savage Thrills)

“What starts as indie folk evolves into something a little more psychedelic as the song progresses.” 

(AAA Backstage) [about single ‘Love & War’]


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Golden Age of Ballooning recently awed us with their music video for the ominous psych-rock track ’Calling Me’ [watch here] (featured on MTV Uploads) ahead of the release of their 10-track Special Edition ‘Illusion of Control’ EP which is now officially out (released Friday, November 10). This Special Edition will mark Golden Age of Ballooning’s first release on vinyl, which can be ordered via www.goldenageofballooning.com.

With the new tracks added into this special edition, it makes ‘Illusion of Control’ something more along the lines of an LP-length release. It includes their previously released singles ‘Love & War’ (April 2016), ‘So They Say’ (November 2016), ‘Illusion of Control’ (May 2017) and ‘Calling Me’ (July 2017).

The featured single for this special edition release is the summer-vibing, road-tripping, free-loving and inspiring track ‘Long Mover’. Like a burst of sunshine with a bright wall of boy-girl harmonies, the track speaks of new found love and its ups and downs. If there is a track to celebrate final exams, the beginning of summer and a close to 2017, ‘Long Mover’ ticks those boxes captures those nostalgic feelings.

The B-sides or bonus tracks on this special edition release include three new additions to the bands psych-rock catalogue: ‘Feeling Old’, ‘Sleep Last Night’ and ‘Believing Made It Real’. Golden Age of Ballooning also shows their folky-roots with the live acoustic recordings of ’Summer Town’ and ‘Anita Big Love’ which is an acoustic version of ‘Long Mover’.

For those in Brisbane, they can pick up a copy of the Special Edition Vinyl at Tym’s Guitars, Foundry Records, Jet Black Cat Music and Sonic Sherpa from November 10. 

Golden Age of Ballooning wrap up their year at Jungle Love Festival alongside Harts, Ngaiire and many other Australian acts over the weekend of November 30 to December 2.


Golden Age of Ballooning are available for interviews, and please contact Kick Push PR to organise media passes for any of their upcoming shows.

More information about Golden Age of Ballooning can be found in the bio, found here.

‘Calling Me’ Music Video (Released October 24th)

Upcoming Shows

Nov 30 – Dec 2. Jungle Love Music and Arts Festival. Imbil, QLD.

w/ Harts, Baskervillain, Sex on Toast, Karl S Williams, Hobo Magic and many more.


About ‘Calling Me’ Music Video

Video produced by Spilting Films – http://spiltingfilms.com 

Directed by Richard Clifford & Bradley Murnane 

Edited by Richard Clifford – http://rcstills.com 

 Camera Ops: Richard Clifford & Bradley Murnane. 

 Dancer: Jess Sommerfeld 

 Special Thanks: Sam Plante, Jess Sommerfeld & Obay Alrifai

About ‘Illusion of Control’ EP:

Written and Performed by Golden Age of Ballooning.

Recorded at and Acuario Idiota (Golden Age of Ballooning’s Home Studio).

Drums Recorded at Lush Studios (Ric Parker).

 Mixed by Michael Badger (Nonagon Infinity)  | Mastered by Don Bartley (Silverchair, John Farnham).

EP Cover Art by Joel Morrison.

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