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With the initial release of Marlboro Nights, Lonely God struck internet subculture gold, spawning countless TikTok videos in a heartwarming TikTok trend featuring parents & their kids. He returns today with acclaimed hyper-pop upstart Midwxst to re-imagine the global hit. ‘Marlboro Nights 2 (feat. midwxst) is the hip-hop tinged, indie pop muse at his most candid, now with a charming irreverence bestowed by the silvery vocals of Midwxst

Now with a gorgeous video to match, the duo place nostalgia with suspended reality, finding themselves in situations that their younger (and perhaps more angst driven) selves would have been. A school yard, on the bus, trying to light a joint amongst friends. Directed by acclaimed creatives Axel Kabundji & Daniela Salinas the video adds a crisp and charming perspective to the globally-endearing track, continuing to touch the hearts of the millions it’s reaching


The initial release of ‘Marlboro Nights’ is candid and frank. Lonely God sings of love in unexpected places, late nights chain smoking and sleepy eyes. Midwxst joins, creating ‘Marlboro Nights 2 (feat. midwxst). Together they examine the tumultuous infatuation of young romance, with it’s ever-changing affections and inclinations.

“You can say that I’m at fault, but we all know that’s a lie. You always claim you’re on my side, don’t put in effort, never try… Baby I think you’re my kryptonite”


The growth of hyper-pop and fusion of indie & hip-hop is being consistently fueled by bedroom artists leveraging community based platforms such as Soundcloud and TikTok. Lonely God & Midwxst are both at the forefront of this movement, with influences from 100 gecs, Juice WRLD and blackbear blending seamlessly together with laid back and nostalgic driven sonics of Rex Orange County, Best Coast & Wallows.

‘Marlboro Nights 2 (feat. midwxst)’ is the continued scrapping of boundaries and preconceived notions – a refusal to conform to what “bedroom music” should be. There lies no doubt that both artist’s will grow to become leaders of their communities, inspiring future generations who hold desires to connect their music with like-minded individuals, globally. 


“A power punk anthem for the kids” 

 We Are The Guard

“Lonely God continues to build on the hip-hop tinged indie pop stylings he’s become loved for across the internet.”
Around The Sound 

PRAISE FOR midwxst

“Loaded with teen angst”


“A track that feels as merciless as it does irresistible”


“One of hyperpop’s most promising young upstarts”


‘The unifying voice of an eclectic generation”

Underground Underdogs

Marlboro Nights 2 (feat. midwxst)’ is out now!


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