London tainted-pop sextet Famous debut with wild single ‘Surf’s Up!’

by the partae

London’s tainted pop six-piece FAMOUS don’t wait around to be inspired. For the past few years they’ve been exploring both their own and others’ artistic presentation through carefully self-curated art parties in vast warehouses across London.

‘I’ve always loved absurdly polished performances’ explains frontman Jack Merrett. And true enough the sextet’s live shows are thrilling, visceral experiences. ‘When I was a child I was obsessed with Michael Jackson and musical theatre, that very Hollywood idea of the consummate ‘performer’”. The tragedy of failing to reach this standard works, ‘Like Vegas-era Elvis on an off day’.

FAMOUS are the central point of a multi-talented arts community. They’re the group behind the five-star rated experimental theatre piece, Ubu, performed at the end of the summer at the V&A museum. Experimental pop singer/producer Jerskin Fendrix plays synths for the band.

Further to the litany of influences affecting the direction of the band, there is a simpler drive –‘fundamentally, we all just love pop music very much’. Cutting through the weirdness of the structures and sounds Famous imagine themselves ‘as some terrifying, new-age ABBA. We’re always trying to write hits, but what comes out is always much too messy and neurotic.’

Sharing stages with PC Music’s GFOTYSports TeamHorseyCosmo Pyke and HMLTD, who headlined one of the band’s aforementioned events, Famous are never far from the focus thrown on an exciting new London scene.

Debut single Surf’s Up! is named after a Beach Boys album, which Merrett describes as ‘phenomenally bleak’. The song imagines a series of very ordinary interactions, with each one provoking a more dramatised and hysterical reaction. Exploring the tension between narcissism and insecurity the lyrics instil the ugly and mundane with romance and hyperbole, a reaction to Jack’s anxious and confusing adolescence. Taking the banal aspects of his personal interactions with life and introducing theatricality has helped to navigate life’s pressures.

Famous are Jack Merrett (vocals), Joscelin Dent-Pooley (synths), James Ogram (synths),George Gardner (Bass), Tiernan Banks (guitar), Danny Sanders (drums).

Surf’s Up! is the first single from Famous and is out via Untitled Recs on November 23rd. Upcoming shows include dates with Maricka Hackman and Black Midi.

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Live Dates
23/11 London, HMLTD SUPPORT @STUDIO9294
29/11 Bristol @ Old England

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