Lil Berete releases debut mixtape ‘Icebreaker’

by the partae
Lil Berete

17-year-old Toronto based artist Lil Berete has released his debut mixtape Icebreaker out now via New Gen / Remote Control Records. Written entirely by Lil Berete and including features exclusively from his STN crew from Toronto’s Regent Park, Icebreaker is a brilliant introduction to the area’s breakout star.

Including recent singles ‘Migraines,’ the Caribana track ‘Time Flies’ and single ‘No Make Up’Icebreaker is eight tracks with production from new and named producers from all over the globe.

With Lil Berete’s distinctive voice, raw talent, dynamic flow and a measured duality of confidence and vulnerability, it makes sense that Lil Berete cites Akon, T-Pain, and Young Thug as his sonic influences. Combining his own gritty Toronto-fused slang with the influence of his mother’s music and art from her homeland of Guinea, Berete has quickly created his own unique lane in Toronto’s burgeoning underground rap scene. Along with embracing his role of raconteur of the daily life in Regent Park, a Toronto neighbourhood often divided by gang violence and misrepresented in the media, Lil Berete’s wily use of melody leaves you feeling hope for a brighter future.

Icebreaker is a tremendous debut from an ambitious young artist who has used his adversity as fuel for his fire. With the release of Icebreaker, Lil Berete proves there can be more than one rap superstar from The 6.

Stream / Purchase – Icebreaker:

Lil Berete – Icebreaker is out now via New Gen / Remote Control Records.

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