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LIIMA ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM 1982 Out Friday Nobember 3 on City Slang via Inertia Music

Shares album title track and video

“1982 often possesses a spaced-out funkiness, or songs that
crest on big, lush synth patterns while remaining
enigmatic — It’s a hell of an album.”


Today Danish/Finnish band Liima (featuring all three members of Efterklang) have announced their second album, 1982, will be released Friday November 3 on City Slang via Inertia Music. Premiering on Stereogum, Liima have shared the video for album’s title track just before embarking on a European tour with Grizzly Bear, whose bassist Chris Taylor co-produced this new record.

In the year 1982, Time Magazine chose the first ever non-human “person of the year”; the Personal Computer. It’s also the year that Liima’s Casper Clausen was born, with the other three band members Rasmus StolbergMads Brauer and Tatu Rönkkö born in the surrounding years. Though 1982 is not an album that tries to mimic the sounds of that year, it is an album borne of influences and circumstances that stem back to that point in time. It’s an album that sees the band questioning the concept of identity and our place in time – as much an album of existential questioning and of looking forward as it is of nostalgia and reflection.

I think our collective memory and consciousness as a band is shaped from being born in the beginning of the 80’s” explains Clausen. “It’s a time and place that I keep returning to, to understand and make sense of. It has a lot of personal relevance and so little at the same time, because in time and space it is far away… Everything is changing all the time, nostalgia is looking back, but I’m on the run, even when I stand still.

The video for the album’s title track, shared online today, was created by director and visual artist Baby Duka: “Liima reached out to me while I was in the middle of developing a computer game – the melancholy world of synths and wet drums fit perfectly with an idea I’ve been toying with for a while: to mix the pixel graphics of the Atari and C64 with a 3D camera. I saw it as a cool opportunity to visualise an Orwellian dystopia where the dream of being in another place is always present in the human individual.

For a band originally founded upon enthusiastic acts of spontaneity, 1982 represents a huge, sophisticated leap forward. The decision to form Liima may have been as bold and radical as their new sound, but the consequences speak for themselves.

Liima – 1982

1. 1982
2. David Copperfield
3. Life is Dangerous
4. People Like You
5. 2-Hearted
6. Kirby’s Dream Land
7. Jonathan, I Can’t Tell You
8. My Mind is Yours

1982 by Liima is out Friday November 3 on City Slang via Inertia Music
Get it here:


Liima was born as much of breaking old habits as building new habits, and their second album, 1982, provides a masterclass in pushing beyond one’s established comfort zones.

Like its predecessor, 1982 was written during four residencies, beginning in January, 2016 – before Liima’s debut ii was even released – at The London Edition, where Casper ClausenRasmus StolbergMads Brauer and Tatu Rönkkö worked in a club in the hotel’s basement, sometimes watched by small crowds, much as PJ Harvey was during the making of The Hope Six Demolition Project at London’s Somerset House.

They reassembled at another hotel in Copenhagen before embarking upon tours of North America, South America, and Europe. Even then, they’d reconvene between trips to continue work, first in the less glamorous surroundings of a music conservatory in Viseu, Portugal, in July 2016, then, finally, in August, at Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel. By the time they gathered in Mankku Studios in Porvoo – again in the Finnish countryside – Liima were more than ready to begin recording with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor as co-producer.

1982 finds Liima – musically and lyrically – exploring themes that shaped their youth while looking forward to a future in times that feel as uncertain as they ever might have been, and in which we all struggle to find our identity. “Finding values of life, giving up on values of life… Our civilisation, our way of life and our liberal thinking is threatened and challenged…” Clausen muses. “I say our time, but could it be MY time, MY age. Was it like that for my father when he was 35 years old? I’m wondering, I guess the album is wondering.

Here, amidst the contemplation and questioning, the musicians stake their claim firmly to both their new band and their new sound. For a band originally founded upon enthusiastic acts of spontaneity, 1982 represents a huge, sophisticated leap forward. The decision to form Liima may have been as bold and radical as their new sound, but the consequences speak for themselves.

Featured Photo Credit :   Rasmus Weng Karlsen



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