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What is your name?

Hello ! Maxim & Hellen.

Where are you currently based?

Now we are based in Moldova, Chisinau. Small country with a good nature and sunny poeple and very young, fresh butt well raising electronic scene.

Maxim and Hellen makes Leparenté, how did you both get into music?

You know…music connecting people. Everything is very simply – to the music us brought our roots and families.

Maxim : I’ve got into the music with the help of my father (musician) who shown me this world of music and first production soft (later)  And also my sister who discovered

electronic music to me ( like Speed Garage and Techno in the end of 90s)

Hellen: Into the music i came with a help of dance. In a very young age i’ve started to dance, later worked in clubs ..Then i’ve met Maxim, i think in 2008. Thats how i got  in this world of electronic music and djing. It was a first “hear” love =)

We are the family, more than 6 years. And we still think, act and live in one way.   Thats why we calls Laperente – that is mean family connection – betweem us. betweeen music, between music and people. We are all the family.

There has bee a long pause with releases as Leparente, we are happy to hear that you’re finishing a lot of projects now that are going to be released in 2017 / 2018 on your own imprints Sensibil, Resonanz and other labels.  Please tell us more about what you’re working on?      What is your typical producing procedure for putting a track together?

Maxim: we are finishing together some Techno/House tracks. Its hard to describe your own music. Its just how you feel at the moment. Its hard to be in trend or try to be in trend. The most true music is how do you feel .

We are not afraid to be different in releases,.Its ok to be eclectic, to be experimental and to be fresh or to be oldschool. Its like an art, like painting that you do it with your heart ,mood and emotions. You have to finish track now – if you didnt – next day it will get another colors,  sometimes its good , but sometimes musician loses the line, true idea or soul of the track.. i like to say you’ve lost the momet but some tracks needs a pause and its time, its hatd to describe.

Hellen : Maxim starts the project,  then we correct it together , add ideas, changes, dance and we must 100% love it together or just to leave it in a draft folder.  But most of all we start our tarcks together from zero, from the first kick.

Maxim: All we do – we do together from the start till  the end, sometime it takes too much time, but that is the main idea  – less is more.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Now playing –  Anton Zap – Fidget

Hellen the other half of Leparenté is also working on a solo EPs that will be released soon.  What direction will this EP take?  Hellen, how have found it producing solo as compared to producing in a partnership?

Hellen: i work on some projects that i have to release as Hellen Mills . My solo works were released only on Ra+Re records. (France based label)

I really love Ra+Re and want to make new projects for the label.

I learn every day but i cant call myslef a producer – first of all im a DJ. Production its Just a part of my vision, my passion .

Anyway my solo tracks sound may be a little bit different. Even if we develop it together, and exchange our opinions all the base belongs to my heart =)

Who are your top 3 influences and icons?

Its very hard to say 1,2 or 5 names. Really hard..because a lot of poeple.musicians inspires.

Its very cool to discover new names, new labels and news sounds.

Maxim: I really like records of  Automating Wrining but first  of all we try to support our local labels and musicians.

Hellen:  i like Minibar, Rue de Plaisance , yes i  like french guys style and elegance in music, i like “berlin style” and also such timeless labels like Perlon for example.

Please tell us how and why you joined a great new team that works on Wipe Out Techno Festival (biggest techno / house events in Molodva) What will this partnership bring?

Its a company of friends, poeple who think in “one direction”.  Its a very good experience, interesting colloborations and really warm relations between the team.

I think  that we do something big for the development of this part of art and culture in  our country.

You’re working to create an agency called ‘En Famille’  What will the aim for ‘En Famille’ be?

The concept is to create a platform for local Moldavian artists who are friends, known abroad, release good music, run own labels and with the help of this platform we want to present artists to the world, to help people discover young and talented Moldavian electronic artists.

When are you playing next?

We just returned from Ukraine, Odessa and our next stop is Wipe Out (edition number 4) witj Onur Ozer and Anuska (Arma 17) and 13 local artists and DJs from Romania.






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