Late Night Episode

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Late Night Episode

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK) – Today, alt-rock band Late Night Episode gives the world a taste of their forthcoming EP with the new video for their latest single, “Golden Age”. To date, the band have released two previous singles, “Talk About Love” and “Swim”, accompanied by a third release of an acoustic demo of “Lost In Cali.” Their single releases have established a steady online presence that caught the attention of producers Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta of Dirty Canvas (American Authors, Young Rising Sons) who signed the band in late 2016. 

Late Night Episode was formed in New York City’s East Village neighborhood by lead singer Daniel Lonner and guitarist Eric Sherman. Brett Daniel (drums) and Giovanni Stockton-Rossini (bass) would later join to complete the band’s line-up of stellar musicians and songwriters.

Lonner reveals, “I had the lyrics for the hook of ‘Golden Age’ written for a while before the instrumental came along. I wanted to remind people that even though the internet is a wonderful world of its own, 2017 is the most opportune time to be alive and to live, you have to get out and do shit.” Lonner goes on to describe the making of their new video, which follows the bands adventures around New York City in an old convertible, “As for the making of the music video, we worked with our homie Patrick Golan to create the visual, which was shot on 16mm film. We wanted to capture the beauty of the places we hang out and grew up”.

Once praised by Billboard for their signature version of “rowdy rock,” and having received comparisons to ‘Kings of Leon’ by The Music Ninja, Late Night Episode is just starting to prove their ability to attract audiences from all genres. In fact, in addition to producing their own music, Late Night Episode have also executive produced Topaz Jones’ critically acclaimed soul-funk record, Arcade

“An uplifting alt-pop tune that sets the spring time ambiance just right.”


“Late Night Episode gives a good dose of bubbly, nostalgic pop to get your summer started.” 


Every part of their music fits into place. It’s tightly written – you can hear the hours of practice and demos.


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