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City Music out June 16 on Dead Oceans via Inertia Music

Today, Kevin Morby hopped on the phone for a quick chat with NPR Music‘s Bob Boilen to discuss “1234“, one of the more unusual songs off his forthcoming record, City Music (out Friday June 16 on Dead Oceans via Inertia Music).

LISTEN TO “1234”

The discussion about the short-and-sweet homage references the obvious name-drop of The Ramones, and how the song is a perfectly condensed sentiment within the context of City Music. The album is a love letter to New York, its denizens and all their private and personal melodramas, and all the similar stories that reverberate in other cities across the world.

Listen to Kevin & Bob’s conversation on All Songs Considered here

“1234” LYRICS

Everybody talkin ‘bout 1234, everybody do the 1234
You know I’d walk a mile just to die

Gunna learn what that door is for,
well you know I’d walk a mile just to die die die die

Bad luck coming up, good luck is gone
and the mile that I speak of is the one I’m on.

Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy
they were all my friends, and they died.

Kevin Morby
City Music

1. Come To Me Now
2. Crybaby
3. 1234
4. Aboard My Train
5. Dry Your Eyes
6. Flannery
7. City Music
8. Tin Can
9. Caught In My Eye
10. Night Time
11. Pearly Gates
12. Downtown’s Lights

City Music by Kevin Morby is out Friday June 16 on Dead Oceans via Inertia Music
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