by the partae

How did you start?

I originally started as just another person on the dance floor, grooving to my favourite Toronto underground DJs playing the most underground music in the darkest and dingiest broken into warehouse space. After many long party nights, I made friends with the DJs that were playing the good shit and found out they worked at the two record stores located close to each other in the heart of torTorontoty. I soon started skipping school to hang out at the record stores and saving money to buy 3/4 records a week until i had enough to put a 60min tape recorded set together. Long story short, i eventually started working at the record store as well as throwing and playing my own parties with two other DJ colleagues…and the rest is history.

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in between Toronto and London England, but thinking hard about a move from London to Barcelona.

Please give an example of your music writing process?

When it comes to writing music, i try not to enter the studio with a plan unless its to finish an already existing project. I like to go in there fresh and listen to some records, which usually gets me started in the right direction and sets the mood and pace of the track/song. Then i may do some sampling for precision where i would chop up, edit and place into logic10 arrange mode. Then add what ever is missing to a 64bar loop till it’s sounding the way i need it to sound.

What are you working on right now?

At the moment I’m working on a few cool remixes as well as a ten song live show and album due out mid 2018. Also working on a few choice ep’s for a few choice labels. Thats all i can say at the moment.

What is your gear setup?

Haha the good old gear setup question. The best answer to this question is…please refer to the many videos you can find on both my personal facebook page as well as my facebook fan page. I feel blessed and am very grateful for being able to have a multi purpose setup at my fingertips whenever  needed.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

There are a few things outside of music i do enjoy partaking in, like watching old movies, eating at good restaurants, doing those things and more with friends and loved ones and of course shopping.

How would you describe your music genre?

I find it somewhat hard to actually place the music i make under any of the current genres of electronic music being played or made at the moment. It really is a combo of all the genres of music i enjoy listening to and playing.

Do you know any music theory?

My mother at a very young age, enrolled  me in both guitar and piano classes. At that time it felt more like she was punishing me cause it wasn’t something i asked for. She then sent me to a private school where i took music and vocal lessons for a number of years, where i learnt a bit of music theory.

What are your plans for the future?

Future plans would be to continue doing what I’m doing till I’m tired of it, which won’t be for some time, then hopefully someday get into soundtracks for films.

Featured Photo Credit : Thesupermaniak

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