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Where are you currently based?

I’m currently based in Lawrence, Kansas.

Your a powerhouse one woman band, what instruments / equipment do you use and how did the concept for the one woman band come about?

Oh man, I use anything I can make noise with!  I feel like I play a lot of things…mediocrely:).  I walk around carrying all of these ideas for sounds and layers and it was hard translating that into a band.  Bands are great – but it’s hard for 5 people to have the same vision, the same  drive, the same passion.  And on top of that – you gotta dig each other real hard if you’re going to be stuck in a van for 3 months together.  So…I had to learn how to play different things.  It’s a really great way to keep that music part of your brain fresh.  I didn’t start off wanting to do the one woman loop thing – it was something I did out of necessity.  And boy did I SUCK at first.  But I’m no quitter and eventually, I got the hang of it.  But I’m still learning new things, everyday.  Right now I use an electric guitar, keyboard, beatbox for drums, a VoiceLive Touch 2 for vocal effects and harmonies – and all of the other fun sounds like orchestral strings or crunchy synths all come from Ableton.

How would you describe your music?

Well, looping is a whole different beast.  You have to be curious going in – about how music is made.  About the process.  Not everyone wants to sit around and watch you build a song from scratch for 2 minutes before singing a line.  And that’s totally cool.  But if you’re looking for instant gratification – you won’t get it at my show.  I think the biggest compliment I’ve ever received after a show was, “That was an experience I’ve never had before.”  And that’s what I aim for – I want the show to be an experience you can take back with you and carry in your pocket until you die. 

What influences your music?

Life.  Other artists I admire.  Heartbreak.  Wanting.  Joy.  Desire.  Pain.  Good shit.  It’s all there – you just have to use it.

You’ve performed sold out shows across the US with 3 headlining tours, how did you  start in music and what got you to the point of selling out shows?

That is a loooooong ass story.  I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say that I’ve been doing this for awhile.  And I’ve taken every road – the record deal road.  The let’s-make-a-band road.  The I’m-a-singer-songwriter road.  The DIY road.  And I think heading down each road made me love the one I chose so much more – the DIY road.  It’s hard doing things without a record label sometimes.  My husband and I just create 24/7 and release it to the interwebz and sometimes people like it and sometimes people don’t.  But I think anyone can recognize hard work – and we work hard.  And we’re real.  I think there’s a thirst for authenticity nowadays that’s undeniable.  There’s no real method, no real formula – just hard work and perseverance. 

How did you get into music?

I’ve always been into music.  Couldn’t shut me up when I was a kid.  My grandpa nicknamed me “Lekio” which in hawaiian means “radio” because I was constantly singing or playing an instrument.  It was always plan A for me.

Your on your way to Australia very shortly, do you have any expectations?

None whatsoever.  Well, that’s not true – I know I’m going to have a blast.  Because I have a blast anywhere I go.  Wanna know why?  Because I have the BEST FANS EVER.  I know people say that all of the time, but I’m not fucking around – the people who show up to my gigs are the most genuine people I’ll meet in my lifetime.  And they’re there to have a good time with good people. 

What can the Australian’s expect from your live show?

There’s gonna be music.  There’s gonna be dancing.  There’s gonna be whiskey.  I think Australians can expect a good time!  Musically – I don’t really know.  My sets vary from city to city – that’s the beauty of live looping, it’s a different experience every time.  I can say this though – you can expect for me to give you 1000% percent at each show.  I won’t step on that stage without giving it my all.

You have over 11 million views on your YouTube channel, what can you attribute to your success and any tips for any other artists wishing to reach your level?

Hard work.  Being familiar with failure – and taking that feeling and doing anything you can to never feel that way again.  Honestly – the hell if I know.  All I can say is work hard.  And never give up.  And when you feel like giving up, remember why you’re here – because you love what you do.  That should always be the answer. 

Has has your YouTube stardom effected your touring schedule?

They always affect your schedule – I think it’s hard to tour and create.  But it’s good to learn to balance yourself equally.  I’m still figuring that part out.

You’ve had 8 Kickstarter projects completed, how do you use Kickstarter to contribute to pushing your music forward?

I wouldn’t be making music if Kickstarter didn’t exist.  Kickstarter provided DIY musicians like myself to create without being signed to a record label.  And it keeps you uber connected to your fanbase.  You really are creating something together.  I think it also pressures me into putting out the best material I could possibly do – people spent money that they could’ve spent on anything else on MY dream.  Knowing that going in is amazing and terrifying too – but it’s the drive you need to keep the momentum.  And nothing beats having total creative freedom in the art you make. 

You have also recently releases your new EP – Boneyard – Vol 1. What influenced the sound of this EP?

Boneyard Vol. 1 is the first out of 7 EPs that will be released within the next year.  It’s a reimagining of songs I’ve previously released as well as songs I haven’t released.

How has the response from fans been to Boneyard – Vol 1.?

It’s been good so far!  I’m already excited for the next one.

What can we expect for the future?

More music.  More out of the box videos.  More content.  More live shows.  I just wanna do this for the rest of my life. 

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Favorite food – easy.  P I Z Z A.  Favorite hangout – The Bourgeois Pig in my hometown.

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