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Where are you currently based?

“I’m based in Berlin, have been here for 8 years now, after previously living in London.”

For those not already familiar with your sound, how would you describe your music genre?

“I’m always very wary of labelling and genres since the same terms can mean totally different things to different people, but if I’ve got to pick one I’d say ‘Deep Techno’. But when DJing my sets can include everything from moody and melodic music in the style of labels such as Innervisions, right through to industrial techno similar to labels like Perc Trax. Whatever I’m doing my aim is always to make people dance, and ideally lose them self in the music.”

How did you get into music?

“So many micro steps brought me in, but most importantly meeting up with 90s rave pioneers/ revolutionaries “Spiral Tribe”, as those guys inspired me to follow my enthusiasm. From there, I took a job as a freelance music journalist, on the basis that I preferred to be proud of what I did and how I lived, rather than chasing money, cold comfort or security.”


Have you always produced the same style of music, and what’s influenced any changes?

“I’ve always made music with energy, though stylistically it’s varied from a vocal packed remix for Kidnap Kid to a take no prisoners techno remix for Motor. What influences me most is what I play as a DJ. All tracks are heavily tested and tweaked particularly nowadays during gigs for my Berlin residency at Sisyohos.

Your next release is on Egg London’s label What Came first, how did you first make contact with the guys from Egg?

“I’ve known Egg’s owner Laurence Malice from way back in the day, and we’ve crossed paths numerous times, everywhere from New York to Amsterdam and Berlin. Most recently, I bumped into Laurence at ADE, the Egg gang then came to Berlin for a weekend and all ended up at Sisyphos, which lead to me DJing at Egg.

Since then (over 2 years now), I’ve had a residency at Egg’s “Berlin Berlin” parties, and spin at the club every two or three months… they also keep coming back to Berlin.”

Could you tell us a little about your next release, I understand it also features a remix from Mute Records boss Daniel Miller?

“I’m particularly honoured to have a remix by Daniel, through his label Mute he’s introduced to the world with all sorts of fantastic music… not least Depeche Mode (he co-produced their first four albums).

Daniel these days DJs regularly at Berghain and Sisyphos, playing deep to tough techno, and the remix of my track reflects his current tastes. He really exemplifies those overused terms ‘legend’ and ‘pioneer’ plus he’s also a very nice man (and a great DJ too).”

When making music are there any specific bits of equipment you use?

“Reason is the main software programme, but right now I’m getting excited about the possibilities presented by the new Pioneer DJ machines such as Dave Smith’s AS-1, and Toraiz SP-16 plus the brand new sampler DJS-1000.

During your career you have achieved many things, including what I understand is the French equivalent of a GRAMMY, to date what has been your proudest moment in music?

“Pride is another contentious word I avoid, and my goal is to sustain how I live long term, rather than being motivated by any burning ambitions. I continue to experience loads of peaks, but I’m never sure when, where or why they’ll appear… often it’s the unexpected moments that stand out.

One special moment was spinning at the first Zug Der Liebe, which is a Berlin based street parade that drew about 15000 revellers onto the streets one Saturday afternoon. I found myself on top of the Sisyphos truck playing techno to a huge crowd, which made me felt a great sense of euphoria, and gave me one of thelse pinch-myself moment as I looed out at the sea of people.

Outside of music what are your other interests, and do they influence your sound?

“I read a lot… increasingly about politics. I also follow visionaries such as Chris Hedges, plus watch all the obvious TV box sets/Netflix series such as the Wire, Breaking Bad, Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm etc. Not sure if they have much influence on my sound apart from encouraging me to always be bold.”

What do you have lined up after your EP on What Came first, do you have any big gigs or forthcoming releases we should be watching out for?

“My next big gig is Sisyphos on Saturday night in the Hammahalle venue. I usually play there every four weeks, and when it’s in Hammahalle I always love it, as the club really is special!

I’d argue that Hammahalle and Egg are two or the best clubs in the world right now, and I’m currently waiting to get my next Berlin Berlin date confirmed with Egg.

Featured Photo Credit :  Heiko Jot


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