Joe Ghost Breaks Genres with Garage House-Inspired “Believe in You” Ft. Joee De Simone

by the partae

Artists: Joe Ghost
Title: Believe In You ft. Joee De Simone
Label: Thrive Records
Release date: 20 October 2017.

Joe Ghost steps out of the genre box with his newest release “Believe in You,” a euphonious vocal house groove featuring Joee De Simone. Feel yourself be carried away from mundane reality when the track opens with warbling percussion and distorted, soulful vocals, progressing into a deep, funky breakdown that begs for a little dance floor action. Avid listeners of Joe Ghost may be surprised at this UK garage-influenced release, as most know him from his big room house hits like “On the Floor,” and “Are You Ready,” but “Believe In You” marks a digression from his previous sound. “I felt as though I’d put myself into a conceptual box that only had enough room for one genre. I’ve stepped out of that box and wanted to make the kind of music that I listen to,” says Joe. “I don’t think my followers will see this coming, which is the part that excites me most!” The seamless transition between musical influences demonstrates just how much potential Joe Ghost has a dynamic, capable artist. “Believe in You” is one of the singles on Ghost‘s upcoming LP, which is full of more unrestricted, genre-bending tracks. Although it’s impossible to foresee what will be next for Ghost, we can be certain that great things are in the works.

The Canadian DJ and producer Joe Ghost took the industry by storm when his 2013 track with Hardwell, “Are You Ready,” soared to #1 on the charts and was named by DJ Mag as one of the year’s most popular tracks. After that, Ghost won the hearts of fans by promulgating high profile, big room house releases like “Crank” on Musical Freedom, “LIBG” on Dim Mak and the Youtube sensation “On The Floor” with Bassjackers and Moti. Although he experienced incredible success in the EDM heyday, Joe Ghost‘s progression has moved with the times, and he’s marching to the beat of a different drum in 2017. As an artist, he has adapted to the ever-changing dynamic of the music scene while staying true to his own tastes, thus shifting to a more organic, deep house-focused sound with “Believe in You.” This is just one side of many for Joe Ghost-who knows what else he has up his sleeve! Stay tuned for his upcoming LP to see what other genres he explores next.

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