Joe Farr set to release new EP on his label User Experience – Keep it Simple / At Last – October 2n

by the partae

Joe Farr – Keep it Simple / At Last

‘Keep it Simple’ is anything but, the atmosphere came from an

early morning field recording in the departure lounge of Milan

airport, the chatter and noise comes over as something almost

alien and the melody came later after an alcohol soaked evening

sitting by candlelight with friends, playing the piano. Despite

it’s multiple layers it has only one message – give trance a


 ‘At Last’ is a more direct affair, with a classic call and

response pattern, the 0-coast shouts aggressively at the

microbrute and the microbrute responds with a howl not dissimilar

to a lost whale calf calling for its mother.. either that or its

just a banger.


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