James Yorkston shares video for ‘Shallow’ | New album “The Route to the Harmonium” out Feb 22nd

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James Yorkston

Photo credit: Ren Rox

Having recently announced news of his new album The Route to the Harmonium – due for release on Feb 22nd 2019 via Domino – James Yorkston is pleased to share a second track from the forthcoming record.

Watch the video – directed by Sam Wisternoff – for ‘Shallow’ here.
Stream ‘Shallow’ here.

On ‘Shallow’, James sings: “There are years, there are still years, that could have been ours…”

This feeling of times gone by, times missed, times that are no longer possible, is echoed elsewhere on The Route to the Harmonium – friends and family, past and present, those that have remained and those who have left is the strongest thread running through the album.

The Route to the Harmonium is James’ first solo album since 2014’s CRAWS, and is produced by himself alongside David Wrench. Whilst ‘Shallow’ is a poetic ballad, indicative in part of the classic Yorkston sound, the album also has three thrilling spoken-word pieces including the previously shared ‘My Mouth Ain’t No Bible’.

The album was almost entirely recorded by James himself, in the small Scottish fishing village of Cellardyke, where he lives. The Route to the Harmonium (or, ‘the search for peace’) is intensely personal; it’s the sound of home, of undisturbed craftmanship. Childhood and youth, those summers in West Cork, ‘just family, just brothers’ – that sense of adventure hums throughout. Listen closely and you can imagine him putting it together. Overlaying vocal and guitar tracks, adding further with Dulcitones, harmoniums and autoharps, with nyckelharpa, the distinctive Swedish stringed instrument given to him by a friend. This is Yorkston’s world and could be nowhere else in music.

The Route to the Harmonium is available to pre–order on deluxe green vinyl (w/ poster), standard vinyl (w/ poster), CD and digitally. Pre-order HERE.

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