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To celebrate the launch of their new pineapple themed menu (jerk chicken tacos, cheesecakes, iced teas and breakfast bowls), they’re slinging free meals and drinks to anyone that comes in to their stores wearing anything pineapple patterned clothing or accessory.

Jamaica Blue is celebrating the launch of their fresh and tasty limited-edition pineapple themed menu, with free meals and drinks for all pineapple lovers. Showing that the proof is in the pineapple, the franchise chain is giving away free jerk chicken tacos, breakfast bowls, cheesecakes, iced tea and kombucha to anyone wearing pineapple patterned clothing or fashion accessories over five weekends, across the country.

Walk into any boutique or homewares store today, and it is clear that pineapples are having their moment in the fashion spotlight. From printed phone cases to quirky handbags, funny gadgets to amazing swimsuits, the pineapple is front and centre of all the latest fashion must-haves. Whilst fans might only be jumping on the pineapple express now, the prickly fruit has always been central to Jamaica Blue’s story – it was part of the original logo when the brand launched in the early 90s and the fruit is a traditional Jamaican gift given by hosts to their guests as a way of saying welcome.

To celebrate our love for the pineapple and the launch of their exciting new menu, Jamaica Blue is calling on all pineapple enthusiasts who love the tropical fruit enough to wear them. Any customers that can prove they are part of the pineapple tribe by coming down to Jamaica Blue and showing a member of staff their pineapple clothing or fashion accessories (be it on their shirt, hand bag or even skin as a tattoo!) will be entitled to a free meal or drink from the new pineapple menu. Jamaica Blue’s free pineapple offer is available at Jamaica Blue Joondaloop, (WA) on 23 February, Myer Centre (SA) on 2 March, Doncaster (VIC) on 9 March, Bondi (NSW) on 16 March and Indooroopilly (QLD) on 23 March. Each pineapple fan is entitled to one item from the menu, on the specific day in each state.

Embracing the Jamaican tradition of welcoming guests with pineapple, Jamaica Blue’s new menu ensures guests get some pineapple on their plates, with dishes like the Soul Bowl, a pineapple filled with honey flavoured yoghurt, Brookfarm macadamia muesli, dried fruits, coconut flakes and blueberries; The Ya Man! Taco, on grilled roti bread with jerk BBQ grilled chicken, aioli and a pineapple, coriander and crispy cabbage slaw; Caribbean Secret with pina-colada flavoured cream cheese, pineapple, coconut, crumbled shortbread biscuits. Drinks include the Pineapple Punk, a hand-crafted pineapple flavoured Kombucha exclusive to Jamaica Blue, and Reggae Tea, homemade iced-tea, pina-colada syrup, pineapple juice, lemongrass and ginger tea that is half-price at Pine-Appy hour after 2pm.

Jamaica Blue has been a beloved franchising cafe brand in Australia for over 25 years. Today over 170 Jamaica Blue cafes can be found in seven countries. Sourcing the world’s best coffees, using only award-winning beans

from top coffee regions, Jamaica Blue has been recognised with a haul of awards, including 7 medals at the Golden Bean Awards 2018 for their blends.

To try the full Pineapple menu, head into any Jamaica Blue store now.

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