IVEY mark an impressive return with vibrant new single ‘WON’T BE’, announce EP ‘GORGEOUS’ and tour dates

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With lively production and a finessed knack for indie pop songwriting on form, Gold Coast five piece IVEY have made a shining return with their new single, ‘WON’T BE’. As the band gears up for the October release of their sophomore EP GORGEOUSthe new sounds from IVEY in ‘Won’t Be’ stand out as a strong indicator of where this young band has come from musically, and where they’re headed with this collection of fresh material. Premiering on Triple J’s Home & Hosed last night, the new sounds from IVEY are marked by fresh confidence in their craft, not to mention catchy hooks, melody and harmonic boosts throughout.

IVEY fans will welcome the bright guitars and vocal melodies instantly, with ‘Won’t Be’ sporting those classic indie pop sounds that first endeared us to the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and more locally, Last Dinosaurs and Swim Season.

‘Won’t Be’ sees IVEY connect with acclaimed producer Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle GiantsMallratTia Gostelow), who has been at the helm of many a now-deemed classic Queensland indie record over the last five years. As part of their new EP GORGEOUS, ‘Won’t Be’ is a dynamic and fun indicator of the creative space IVEY have found themselves operating within.

“This song actually began from an ableton loop our drummer Matt had created. Drawn to the lead synth riff you hear at the start of the song, we started to construct a song around it. What was resulted from that is one our most collaborative songwriting effort to date, and our first exploration into electronic music. Won’t Be became a kind of anthem for the whole EP, theming topics of lost love, animosity and clarity”. IVEY 

IVEY’s journey to this point of 2018 has been one littered with acclaim. Having been propelled onto national stages with the release of their debut EP Cascade back in 2015, IVEY were quick to capitalise on the opportunities that came their way, in continuing to form for themselves a strong reputation as one of the east coast’s strong new names. In the time that has passed, they’ve done just this; supporting the likes of Ocean Alley,Confidence Man and Cub Sport, showcasing during 2016’s ARIA Week events and most notably this year, performing as part of the Commonwealth Games’ Festival 2018program.


“Ivey honing in on that catchy sing-along choruses they’re all so good at creating…”I think you’re kinda boring”…That line just won’t get out of my head!”
Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Always’)

“Another indie gem bursting with energy and fun. Who could possibly stand still to this?” 
Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite (‘Out Of Time’)

“…filled with grooving guitar riffs giving off coastal vibes, the heartfelt tune feels every bit the adorable indie rock tune coming from IVEY, in the same way we love San Cisco.” 
AAA Backstage (‘Last Week’)

Primed and ready for the live stage, the band will be bringing ‘Won’t Be’ and Gorgeous into the live arena for the first time; launching the EP in Brisbane this month, before touring through South Australia and back up the east coast this November and December.

Jam packed with fun, charm and a wicked performance style, IVEY have a clocked an impressive win with the creation of Gorgeous. Now, find out how it goes down live.


Friday 26 October Black Bear Lodge Brisbane Tickets
Friday 2 November West Thebarton Hotel Adelaide Free Entry
Saturday 3 November Gasometer (Upstairs) Melbourne Tickets
Saturday 8 December Waywards Sydney Tickets
Sunday 9 December North Gong Hotel Wollongong Free Entry
Saturday 22 December End of Year Party Vol. 2 Gold Coast Tickets

Gorgeous will be released Friday 19th October 2018
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