Introducing Null + Void & Cryosleep LP (feat. Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan

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Introducing Null + Void & Cryosleep LP (feat. Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan

The upcoming album ‘Cryosleep’ introduces the world to Null + Void as a serious production entity in its own right – and the third single ‘Where I Wait’ more than solidifies that point.

Connecting with longtime collaborator and legendary Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, the trackis a haunting and luminous lament on lost time and the ghosts of lovers past.

Back in 2003 Kurt’s releases on indie electronic compilations such as “The Sound Of Young New York” caught the attention of fans and artists around the world. It eventually landed him a gig recording with Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, not to mention a long list of major acts such as Moby and The Kills.

The collaboration with Dave was especially fruitful —the two became friends, and it wasn’t long before Kurt began writing original songs for Depeche Mode. His love for vintage synthesizers, dark electronic music, and exploring unusual chord structures was a natural fit. The more Kurt worked with Dave and Depeche Mode, the more time he spent at his Man

-hattan studio. He started writing his own shadowy, melancholic songs, filling them with angular beats and moody atmospheres. After a while, the basis of Kurt’s new solo project, Null + Void, took shape and ‘Cryo-sleep’ alongside ‘Where I Wait’ came to life.


Null + Void: Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan)


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Tracklist :

  1. Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan)
  2. Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) (Radio Edit)

The single will be accompanied by a music video di-rected by New York based director and photographer

Timothy Saccenti.


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