Hello Monday

by the partae

How did the the idea for Hello Monday! come about?

You know, summer in Berlin is really a special time. After the long, cold, gray winter is over, people really come to life and are out and about all over the city. So we thought, why not give these people a place to hang out at the scenic canal, while having a drink and some food with their friends.

I guess after a big weekend of partying in Berlin a Monday party would help ease the party people into the week,

is this the case?  How has the response been?

Hahah, depends on how you like to be ‚eased in’. There are a lot of after hours on Mondays in Berlin but “hello monday!“ is not an after hour. We start at 2pm and the first people who show up are usually freelancers, students, some people on their lunch break and the likes. During the early evening a lot of people from the surrounding music biz offices join in for a drink after work. And even later there’s always a big crowd of people who simply come to dance. I’d guess on a usual Monday we have about 400 people coming only between 9pm and 1am. So yeah, the response has been absolutely overwhelming. People are taking the opportunity for a chill Monday party with both hands really. And we’re super happy to provide it.

What can be expect from attending a Hello Monday! event?

First and foremost – good soulful House music! Apart from our close Suol family, Till Von Sein, Meggy, Larse, Tender Games and us, we invite renowned artists who we deeply admire, such as Jimpster, Lovebirds, Atjazz, Ian Pooley, but also gems like Kolja Gerstenberg, Carlo, Laurence Guy, Eluize, who we want to spotlight because they are just so good, even if some of them are still a bit under the radar. Apart from that, a very beautiful open air venue by the canal, good drinks, good food and a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere all around.

Who do you have playing in the coming weeks?

We’ll have Fred Everything, El_Txef_A, Kolja Gerstenberg, Thatmanmonkz, Zepherin Saint, Atjazz, Black Loops, Slow Hands and Jimpster in the hello monday!  booth in the coming weeks, just to throw a few names out there..

Where is the venue and how much is entry?

Ipse is located on Schlesische Str. in Kreuzberg and here’s the thing: It’s FREE! So just drop by and have a good time.

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