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What is your name and role within Hater?

Caroline Landahl, I Sing and play guitar

Where are you currently based?

I live in Malmö just like the others in the band. Me and lukas live almost across the street from each other. I sometimes feed his fishes, and he walks my dog.

You have an EU tour planned for early 2018, do you have an idea of where you’ll be heading?

Yes we have some set dates! Like Amsterdam, Prag, Berlin and Leipzig to mention some of them. Really looking forward to it!

What can we expect from these upcoming Euro shows?

As this is our first time touring we’re super excited! Looking forward to play the new ep, and also we have some new songs that we are really keen on trying live. It’s gonna be great!

How do you prepare for each show?

Haha actually Lukas told us before one of our first gigs that you preform your best if you stand with your arms in the air for 2 minutes before a presentation or show, so before each gig we stand like that in a circle. Don’t know where he read it though but it feels good

Who are you listening to at the moment?

We’re all sitting on a bus to manchester at the moment and I’m currently listening to Steady Holiday. It’s really cosy!

What equipment do you use?

I’ve been playing on a Burns Split sound until now, really like it! But the last show I borrowed my dad’s Fender Stratocaster and it felt much better.

I use a few pedals as well

A new album is planned for the second half of 2018, can you give us an idea of the direction the music will be going?

We have a few songs that we’re working on at the moment. They are all very different but I think that we will try to put more time into them this time, and really work them through. Focus on getting the lyrics done before we get in the studio is also a goal I have haha.

But all and all, the new album will hopefully reflect the one extra year we’ve been playing together.

Where will you be recording?

At Jocke Lindbergs studio just like we did on the previous recordings. He’s a rock!

Who what influences your sound?

I’m convinced that all of us have different influences, both musically and personal. Also I think that we influence each other while playing the songs. For example Adams bass line can give me an idea of how the melody should sound. But of course it’s plenty off things that’s inspiring us. Life, breakfast, Ubers and such

When and where are you playing next?

We’re heading to Manchester right now to play at Soup Kitchen together with Charles Howl and Songs for walter, really looking forward to tonight!

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I like things that’s round, so in general things you could roll into a tortilla. You can have everything in it, so I’m not very picky.

And a good place to hang out is the neighborhood bar just down from Lukas. (Family pub) or the pizza place across the street (Rex) in Malmö, Sweden.


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