Harry James Angus Announces ‘Struggle With Glory’ National Parlour Tour

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Harry James Angus Announces Struggle With Glory National Parlour Tour

Harry James Angus, the firebrand trumpet-playing vocalist from The Cat Empire, announces a dynamo new live project, Struggle With Glory. Previewed to industry and super fans last week, in this show he continues to cross musical boundaries, transporting classic Greco-Roman myths into a surreal world of old-time jazz, second-line brass, and gospel music.

Watch performance of Kill The Priest from an exclusive launch event held last week in Melbourne:

Struggle With Glory will make its tour debut in a truly unique way this Spring, via gigs held in the private homes of fans across the country, thanks to Parlour.

Each show will have a different incarnation of Struggle With Glory, to reflect the Parlour host’s home and setting – some shows may be semi acoustic, some may be acapella, some may even fit the entire 9 piece band and choir!

Anyone can apply to host one of these shows, simply head to Parlour and sign up to host a gig.

“I’m teaming up with Parlour to come and play songs in your lounge room. For me, the true test of musicianship is still walking into a stranger’s home, sharing some music, and waiting for that special moment that can be set off by the ping of a doorbell or some stoic uncle’s unexpected tears. Seriously, some people start crying in the weirdest moments. People laugh, heckle, or helpfully suggest a direction for the musicians to follow, and so multiple possibilities present themselves. It’s in this kind of intimate setting that musical expression can be truly free.” – Harry James Angus

This will be the first chance fans will get to catch Struggle With Glory, and the only chance anyone will get to see it in such intimate settings. The show will then be programmed in arts festivals nationally in 2018.

Parlour was founded in 2015, and is a live music booking platform allowing anyone with a space at their place to book an artist, sell tickets and put on an intimate, unique show, while supporting the Australian Music Industry. Parlour facilitates around 30 gigs per week across Australia and New Zealand, with 80% of each show’s ticket sales going direct to the artist.

If you like toe-tapping, dancing in the aisles, sweating and shouting, but don’t particularly like going to church much, why not try shouting Zeus instead? Revenge, giant beasts in strange lands, the doomed love affairs of Gods and men, and the unstoppable torrent of fate is served up with barrelhouse piano, thumping double bass, soaring church choir vocals and the unmistakeable sound of Harry James Angus’ old dented trumpet.




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