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What is your name and role within HanFx?
Keiran Hannifin (Han-FX) Vocals
Jordan Preece (Jor-DMC) Guitar/Beatbox
How did you start?
Han: Well, me and Jordi have been friends for a decade and he went to college to become a farrier and blacksmith… during this time I was living off the grid in the woods and then playing bass in reggae bands. I broke up with the band and my girlfriend. He broke up with his girlfriend and moved back, just as a I got some new accommodation and a loop pedal (Boss RC-300).. I was determined to be solo, so we learned to beatbox, loop and rap together.
Both too skint to afford the studio time on our own.. I gave up my solo wishes and he hung up his blacksmithing hammer, we cut the costs and have been skanking on stages together since.
Where are you based?
The Isle of Man(for now)
Please give an example of your music writing process?
Loop a chunky beat, loop some funky bass, notepads out. We bounce lyrics off each other, work on new bits and get the polished finish on older ones.

What are you working on right now?
Han: I’m currently working on some crowd funding projects, to help us fund a European tour. More notably, the swoop; which is a CD where I am hand drawing every unique album cover and recording with over 150 musicians and instruments. From drum and bass producers to folk bands… a really diverse sound… and only 200 copies. No digital release. That, and we are really trying to make some more music videos, independent. Learning as we go.
JDMC: I’m looking at starting to do gear set up videos… it’s a mind field of technical nightmares once you get into looping… plus I’d like to do some instrumental beats for vocalists… and touring and writing with Han. Maybe even sleep at some point!
What is your gear setup?
It ranges quite wildly depending on the night, where wer’re playing and how many guest musicians we play with. Typically for Vocals and beatbox we run shure sm58’s. Jordi’s guitar of choice is a Fender telecaster custom with seymour duncan pickups, Cpt. Funkenstein on a classic Warick Corvette bass and Jerry “The Lips” Carter on a Selmer sax. For the looping we run a Sm58 into a Boss GT10B midi and lined into a Boss RC505. Speaker wise we run behringer 12’s and 15″ inch tops in line with QTX subs
What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?
Han: I like painting, wood carving and camping with the dog. Love being involved in multiple projects. A rolling stone gathers no moss and all…
JDMC: Sleep? It does take up valuable playing time, but what can you do?
How would you describe your music genre?
Han: This has always been a difficult one… it’s hip hop, it’s jazz, it’s reggae, it’s blues…. it’s been described as “ReggaeHop”?
Jordi: Yep.

Do you know any music theory?
Han: Absolutely zero. Haha!
Jordi: One thing, there is no such thing as too much bass.
What are your plans for the future?
Han: I want to get nomadic with the band. Play a different venue each night, city to city. No better way to live a life I’d say?
Jordi: Travel the world playing music with my best friends, sounds like heaven.
How did you get into music?
Han: It started off for me when I was 12, my friends asked if I would like to play bass on stage with them… in 2 weeks. I never looked back!
Jordi: I got drum lessons when I was 5, guitar lessons from 8 but I never really dedicated. When I moved back to the Island I met The Rusty Jam Revolution and found inspiration, Han and our/his sax player Patrick Leith encouraged me to pick up music and looping, the rest is history.
What are you listening to at the moment?
Han: Lots of Jurassic 5, Grammatik and classic big soul stuff.. loving the Mar keys
Jordi: Dub FX, Damian marley and a whole lot of instrumental beats.

Who are your top 5 influences and icons?
Jordi: Dub FX, Slightly Stoopid, Jimi Hendrix, KRNFX and REEPS ONE.
Han: Hard to pick. I’m easily influenced
When are you playing next?
Han: We have just done a big tour with Liverpool band, the Baltic States and are taking a few weeks..so are taking a little breather for writing, but we are playing Deep South Festival, Dark Horse Festival, One Love Fest and Northern Green Gathering… along with a spattering of UK dates at the end of summer. ..




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