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Since when is Galera making his way through the music scene? How did everything begin and how did it go during we believe short but intense time of existence?

The project barely reaches a year of life, if we speak of Galera, if we talk about me personally making music, since I have reason to be I have wanted to be involved in the world of music. Previously I had a band called M.A.D! There was where I began to discover the world of production, and for certain reasons this band stayed behind and I started a solo project to see what I could ask of myself.

How would you describe Galera’s sound and philosophy towards your music for those who have not heard your stuff before?

I would describe it as a utopia created from what I hear, from what I see, from what I feel or have felt, expressed in the form of something we can hear or even see with all the art that surrounds it or in a concert where they bring both together. As for the sound in this last Ep “HAVANA” I wanted to mix the technological part with the most natural or organic ones, I’ve enjoyed always the contrast of the technological advance without forgetting the roots.

We know now you’ve been supporting last Tycho’s tour in Spain: How was the experience? Did you have the opportunity to exchange words and ideas with him?

It was a motivating moment, since I found out until I realized that I had been able to do it and be proud of the concert I did. The truth is that I could not exchange many things with him specifically, but it was a good opportunity to show that I can place myself just before an artist of this level, in a Stage full with a very expectant pubic to what is going to sound, the feeling was totally different in a concert to play in a club where attention is put on many more points than not your face.


Image credit : Indra Zabala

With what other artists you would love to share stage, or at least the same line-up? Why?

Right now with whom I like to share the line up with my partners from a new label / collective “Subterranea” that we are forming DIY1990, Space Cowboy, Savanna Harmony and me, the more times you share a line up with these names means that things are going better to us individually and as a collective, I would also have been invited to share a line-up with Pink Floyd or Frank Zappa, why not? J

What are by the way and particularly your essential sources of inspiration… artists, records, movies, books, etc. Please don’t hesitate to substantiate thoroughly the responses.

Musically we can say that the greatest influences are found in the 70s with all the Canterbury sound, with the progressive and krautrock until Joy Division and its post punk era. Then I try to be up to date with everything that comes out lately so as not to lose sight of what is happening in the present, but musically I would say that I do not have barriers of influences any day I can be listening to the Beatles and the other to Sunny Day Real Estate or Kanye West.

Within what is visual or written I have always liked the utopias based on retro-futurity, this has always been very obsessed with evolution in 3005 in another civilization that had opted for another type of development, for example, and Jodorowsky’s films are also quite funny because every scene you see a different album cover and I find it fascinating that this was done in the same years as the 70s music and all that artistic movement.

Synths, drum machines, etc. What is your relationship with all that kind of stuff?

Let’s say that they are my ruin, but every time I pick up a new machine it gives me a lot of motivation and at the same time inspiration, when wanting to experiment with it etc. it is when I get the best out of me, by turning any machine over. I prefer to hit something physical, for me it is more romantic and more sexual, and make me live more when I am creating, than watching a screen, I suppose it has to do with what you want to transmit with your music and the soul that you want to give it.

Image credit : Indra Zabala

In your last release, ‘Havana’ (Beautiful Accident), we can perceive a bunch of not-just-electronica details, even jazzies, acoustic instruments….

Where and when did you record / produce “Havana”? And, can you share with us the inspiration behind it?

Everything is recorded between my house where I have my entire arsenal and some study of a friend with machines. The inspiration of this EP is composed by what I said about mixing the organic with the technological has also to do with this vision that I like to have a utopic of any parallel reality that lives in a different way than we live, the retro future, what It has motivated me also is the power to mix old influences with new ones and thus give it a fresh touch.

Who / what have you been listening to lately?

What I was hearing while answering this interview was Zomby’s Dedication and Soft Machine’s Seven.

What can we expect for the future? Actually, yours in 2018!

From the future, what I hope is that it will arrive; I will be waiting for it in my chair without stopping to hit my machines or anything in front of me.

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