Friends Of Friends with Motor City Drum Ensemble – Melbourne Fri 11th Jan The Forum

by the partae
Friends Of Friends with Motor City Drum Ensemble - MEL



Motor City Drum Ensemble is a unique kind of ensemble in that it consists of just one man: Simultaneously retro and futuristic German House pioneer Danilo Plessow. He was born in 1985 in a small town in rural southern Germany and soon moved to Stuttgart , the worldʼs cradle of the automobile and Germanyʼs ʻMotor Cityʼ (w. Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch headquarters). Hence, his best known artist moniker ʻMCDEʼ obviously is a reference as well to his home-town as to his first love in music, the Soul, Jazz and Techno sounds of Detroit. The ʻDrum Ensembleʼ is a link to his collection of classic drum machines, technical backbone of his accomplished and renowned electronic music.

Local support: AndrasDJ JNETT

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IG: @wearenovel

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