Esther Joy

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Walthamstow, London (E17 u knowww)

Earlier this year you released your EP ‘Psychic Tears’ which which is a fusion of bewitching lyrics and electro/synth, how did you go about writing Psychic Tears and what influenced the sound?

I wrote the whole EP in my flat. I was listening to a lot of dark electronic stuff,  minimal and older witchhouse – artists like Lorn, Shlomo, Alice Glass + Black Mass.

Where and when did you record?

I think the first song I wrote was Friendless Necessity in summer 2016 and then the rest came a bit later in early 2017. I wrote those other tracks all together in like a big two week spurt. That usually happens, I’ll catch a feeling and write a bunch of stuff then won’t write for a little bit.

I wrote everything at home on my laptop mainly.

What equipment / programs do you use live and when recording?

I use Logic X as my DAW, a lot of the Output plugins like Substance for bass and Exhale has some really nice vocal pads I like to use for air and texture. There was a Logic synth that came out called Alchemy  which I think I used a lot on the last EP, it has a lot of really nice warped/vintage sounding synths and its easy to fuck about with stuff and make it sound weird.

Ive just got a new drum machine, the Elektron Digitakt which is really helping me focus and learn the art of minimalism and making more with less. I have such a bad habit of going over the top with stuff. Its been good too because I learnt everything using mainly digital and midi so I really want to try work more with analogue gear, and try stuff that I actually have to use other parts of my brain for. You can get really lazy with production and fall into bad habits – any time I catch myself doing that I try introduce something that makes things a bit more of a challenge.

How did you first get into music?

I used to write songs on guitar in my teens and wanted to find a band or someone to write with because I wasn’t really good enough to take things further. I ended up writing bits in GarageBand and using loops for drums and stuff whilst I was ‘waiting’ for my ‘band’ lol. After a while I realised that the band wasn’t happening but I had got better at production and had moved into electronic music. I kept going and started to make that my main focus.

You have been touring as part of Charli XCX’s live band this year, how did this tour come about?

My friend was a friend of a friend of the tour manager and put me forward for it…

What were the greatest high’s and low’s of the tour?

Uhh lots of highs – lots of crazy shows in front of loads of people, vvv fun music to play, vvv cool people, some vvv good food, JAPAN <3<3 and general madness.

Lows – planes planes planes and not seeing friends

We hear that you will be releasing a new EP in 2018, can you give us an idea of what to expect?

Yes! Its going to be more dark intense sad cry-y shouty jumpy emo dance music.

Have you started writing or recording tracks for the EP?

Yes they are done :))))

Who are you listening to at the moment?

My favourite song atm is ‘You’ by Bad Bones and just generally a lot of instrumental, beat driven but slightly off the wall electronic stuff like Iglooghost oh and loads of pop music bcos I have been writing & producing for a tv show for young girls and am unleashing my inner pop princess.

What or who influences your sound?

The weather or seasons do a lot. Autumn is my most vivid period of time for music – I hear music as Autumn, I can feel it and I almost always write a big chunk of work during that time.

What inspires your fashion style?

Uhhh as a kid I was ultra tomboy and had a very strong sense of what I did and didn’t want to wear. Like I had to wear a dress for ballet every week and I would just run away and couldn’t deal. My favourite ever thing as a kid was my tracksuit aka ‘suit-track’ and as I got older (around 10-11) I was obsessed with the big baggy jeans w the chain I used to go skateboarding and think I was just a general badass lol so nowwww there is so much streetwear, tracksuit, metalhead/skater crossover stuff that it’s probably the perfect time for me to be alive.

When and where are you playing next?

The live show is on its way to being ready. Thats the aim for 2018, so there definitely will be shows I’m just not sure when yet,

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Probably gyoza and crobar . But if I could be anywhere it’d be Tokyo because I feel like I was meant to be born there but fell through the wrong birthing portal and ended up in Leeds.


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