Enigmatic New Artist BUTTERJACK Unleashes Debut Single ‘OTHER WORLDS’

by the partae

Introducing Butterjack, a producer and songwriter, who crashes into Summer 2017 with his debut single ‘Other Worlds’.

The twenty-five year old musician, who hails from North West England, feels now is the time to unveil new music that he’s been tirelessly working on. He explains that “I’ve been making music for years and it’s all I want to do” and this passion and dedication is evident through the maturity of ‘Other Worlds’.

The mid-tempo beat and consistent synth dominates the heartfelt track, which switches in the bridge to a more up-tempo, rhythmic chant that displays the innovation of Butterjack to blend two distinct sounds together effortlessly. Butterjack’s innate tone and alluring vocals put the emphasis on the instrumental and the lyrical content. The self-produced track is a real statement of intent and a strong indication of what is forthcoming from the enigmatic talent.

‘Other Worlds’ is a song about going to any lengths to show one’s love and being willing to travel the world to prove it. This emotion was a central focus for Butterjack during writing the song as he says, “’Other Worlds’ is about showing you what I feel.”

Butterjack’s ability to singlehandedly create an emotional piece of music that is incredibly captivating and relatable, as a songwriter and producer, makes him an exciting and credible proposition to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

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