Emilia Tarrant ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ Out Now

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“Ethereal vocals” – NOTION 

“”Emilia Tarrant is winning new fans with her exquisite voice and songwriting talent”” – THE  LINE OF BEST FIT 

“Emilia’s soulful vocals and tender lyricism shine bright in all their disarming glory”  – WHEN THE HORN BLOWS  

An undeniably growing name in the female pop world; Emilia Tarrant’s 2022 saw support from BBC  Radio 1’s ‘Future Pop’, a performance at the UK’s most iconic festival Glastonbury and a plethora of sync’s across some of the nation’s most popular TV shows. Opening up a new chapter  this year, Emilia share’s the final instalment to her forthcoming EP, with single ‘Best Friend  Heartbreak’, out February 3rd. 

Emilia’s radiant pop trademark has seen her work with some of the biggest industry names, including  Grammy-nominated producer, Will Hicks, known for his work with Ed Sheeran, Lewis Gardiner  (Ellie Goulding) and Kingdoms (JPCooper, R3hab), piecing together what will be her second EP.

Working with another distinguished producer Charlie Thomas (Little Mix, London Grammar, One  Direction) on ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’, Emilia strips back her signature buoyancy and invites each  listener to indulge in her celestial vocals and ingest her narrative of a friendship break-up. 

In her own words Emilia explains; 

“This is probably the rawest song for me that I’ve released to date. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty  sad…! It’s a story I’ve been trying to write about and get off my chest for a couple years now, and  then ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ came along. It’s not often you hear songs about friend breakups, but as  such a relatable subject, there should definitely be more. It perfectly captures the pain I felt after  losing a friendship and how much I miss them still! It turned into a letter to myself too; as someone  who hates giving up on anything, especially people, the lyric “Em just give up” is a phrase that I tend  to want to scream at myself over and over again. Anyway, these lyrics, the emotion, and the  production too, feel very ‘me’, and I’m so proud of what Charlie, Joe and I created.” 

On the music video, Emilia states: 

“The music video for ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’ has to be my favourite. The inspiration came to me  almost as soon as I wrote the song, and turned out exactly how I had imagined. Tom Knibbs  (director) and I really wanted to convey the raw emotion through the colouring and underwater visuals  especially, creating a sense of suffocation. The way the video flows, perfectly captures the  desperation of the lyrics and power of the song’s production too. I think we achieved this pretty well  considering how cold the pool was! Silly me thought it was a sensible idea to shoot it in January and  we were shivering for hours after… The things we do for the creative, huh! Don’t try this at home  kids…” 

Having warmed into the project with singles ‘When It Was Chaotic’, ‘Same For Me’ and ‘Slow  Motion’, which have already been performed on some incredible stages, including Glastonbury, 

Victorious Festival, Alt Escape, Soho House’s 180 The Strand, Emilia is comfortably poised  leading into the release of ‘Best Friend Heartbreak’

Continuous support from Wonderland, Notion, The Line of Best Fit, Metal Magazine and named  as a 2023 ‘One To Watch’ by Record of the Day, Noctis Magazine and Pictor Magazine. 

Emilia Tarrant has a big year ahead; with the imminent announcement of her EP out this March,  followed by the release of her debut album to be announced later this year

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