Electronic-Pop Three Piece Rumours Present Official Video For Emotionall Charged Track ‘The Traveller’ | Video

by the partae
Hot on the heels of releasing their most recent single ‘The Traveller’, Electronic-Pop trio, Rumours, present the official music video to accompany the captivating and emotionally charged track. Already making a name for themselves with their meticulously crafted productions, this characteristic is equally as apparent in the finish of their music video for the ‘Traveller’.
“‘The Traveller’ is about someone who enjoys the thrill of seeing new things and exploring new places, it’s about the energy we get out of making new experiences and being 
excited about things we don’t know” – Rumours
Filmed at Park Royal Studios, the video was directed by London-based film-maker and visual artist, Claudio Giambusso. As a graduate of the London Film Academy, Giambusso’s work encompasses varying mediums, all incorporating technology as the main instrument to express his ideas. Having worked with Rumours on the video for ‘I Do It All’, Giambusso has worked with an impressive roster of clients such as Warner Bros, Boiler Room and Ninja Tune.

The video itself conveys a very simplistic tone through the use of minimalistic imagery. Throughout the video each band member represents their own scenario, symbolized through changing colours (Red, Blue and Green), corresponding to each band member and their individual scenes. The addition of Slick 3D visual effects, highlights the message of the track that talks about ‘the thrill of exploring new places and making new experiences’. Band members Fede, Mark and Marion, are seen bursting into dust, swirling through each scene, eventually coming together as one during the final moments of the video. Leaving the story to be determined by the viewer, Rumours’ video for ‘The Traveller’ is undoubtedly a work of art, as much as it is an accompaniment to a well-crafted, emotional track.

Rumours official video for ‘The Traveller’ is out now.

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