Eko Ramone

by the partae

How did you start playing music and what sparked your interest ?
It was when I was in high school back in 1994. I saw friends who playing guitar chased by high school girls and I wanted that too. But I realised it was hard to do complicated songs and a friend of mine gave me a Ramones mix tape and I fell in love with punk rock. Besides that My Dad used to play cassette at home and at his car since I was small, but he doesn’t play music.


What are you working on right now ?
Now I work in a clothing company in Denpasar Bali, I’m the production manager. More into making t-shirts and silk screen production stuff.


What is your gear setup ?
With The Sneakers I’m using Hallmark Johnny Ramone guitar and Fender Champion 30 made in Mexico Solid State with the drive channel, Boss TU3 tuner and goes straight to the amp and Shure SM57 for bigger stage.


What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music ?

I like traveling, make more friends
Knowing new culture is fun. I show some new friends my music and conversation is getting deep. Music is an awesome language.


How would you describe your music genre ?
Punk Rock.


Do you know any music theory ?
I din’t go to music school, but I know how tune my guitar.


What are your plans for the future ?
I wanna have tours out of Indonesia. Malaysia, Japan and Australia.


What are you listening to at the moment ?
I’m listening to The Queers and Dee Dee Ramone album.


Who are your top 5 influences and icons ?
1. Dee Dee Ramone
2. johnny Ramone
3. Arturo Vega
4. The Ventures
5.The Queers


When are you playing next ?
We don’t have gig schedule yet, on May we will records some new songs. I’m finishing the lyric and the music now.


Your based in Bali, Indonesia, how is the music scene in Bali?
Bali music scene is bigger and stronger. More venues here in Bali. Many band from outside Bali came here, some bands come from out of Indonesia.


You played a major role in the punk scene and Twice bar, please tell us about that experience.
It was something remarkable. I like music and I worked at a cool bar in town. 2004 – 2014, it was an amazing 10 years experience. Some bands broke up, some bands keep playing. Proud to see bands from Twice Bar which keep playing. March 2015 Twice Bar was closed. But this year Twice Bar will open again. Now I work at Gimme Shelter for booking bands, Gimme Shelter is a cool bar in Canggu Area. Now bands have choices for gig.


Please let us know your thoughts on the local music scene in Bali, where it started for you and where it is going;I moved to Bali in 2002.Back them Bali music scene was big already. Now is bigger. More small bar for bands and more bigger stage also.


We would love to know anything else that you feel like telling us;
Everybands which traveling to Asia or Indonesia should stop in Bali.
Get some gigs here and enjoy The vibe.


Hey Ho, Let’s Go!
Yeaaah….. 1234 !

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