East Capri

by the partae

Where are you currently based? 

Brisbane but Eden and Jackson are originally from Rockhampton and Jamal has been all over but has lived here for 5 years now. 

How did East Capri form? 

It all started off with Eden (vocalist) and Jackson (guitarist/producer) writing music as an outlet over the years while living as housemates since moving to Brisbane and right at the beginning of the global pandemic they decided to find members which failed at the beginning, so they made the executive decision to start out as a 2 peace with the first single ‘Wake N Repeat’ and build some presence in the music scene before finding members. That’s when shortly before the first release Eden met Jamal the (lead guitarist) at gym and they’ve been a unit ever since. 

What’s been happening recently? 

We’ve been hard at it in the studio writing for the last year and record for the last few months preparing for a massive 2023. Our plan is to go big with every release while at the same time never letting anyone be able to guess what we’re about to do next. We really feel we’ve found our footing musically and can’t wait to take everyone on this wild journey. 

Your latest single Ariana Grande cover ‘Positions’ is out now, why did you choose to cover Positions? 

This was a pretty spontaneous decision to cover this. As soon as we came across this song, we instantly thought this would sound really sick with beefy dropped tuned guitars. Eden has also been inspired by R&B vocals and melodies for a while now so it was a no brainer for us. So far, everyone’s response seems to really agree with us. 

Where and when did you record/procure/mix/master and how was the experience? 

Everything was done in house. In fact, all writing, recording and producing is done by us. Specifically producing is done completely by Jackson and with this track, all recording, producing, mixing, mastering was all done be Jackson! We had a lot of fun with recording this. As everything East Capri has released until now has always had a dark, serious and emotional tone, but by releasing this song we got to show off a more fun and light-hearted side of the band so it was a real nice change of pace. 

What does this single mean to you? 

For us, this song is about falling deeply for someone to the point you’re ready submit completely. Possibly by offering to cook and clean over being career driven and submitting in the bedroom by offering yourself completely under your trust for them. Basically, being so deeply in love with someone to the point you’re ready to do anything for them. This was the concept story for the video. 

What are you guys listening to at the moment? 

We listen to a wide range of things and genres from death-core all the way up to what’s in the pop charts but to name a few bands that stick out to us right now are I Prevail, Bring Me The Horizon, Bad Omens, Chase Atlantic, The 1975 and Falling In Reverse. 

What did you like to do away from music? 

There are plenty of things we love doing outside of music but that almost seems like distant memory for us now because music is all we do now in our spare time because we love it so much! 

Any shows coming up? 

Yes! For now, we have one show supporting another great Brisbane ban called ‘Citadel’ playing on the 15th of April at Bad Luck. There is more information on all our socials about the show but aside from that, this show will likely be the only show we will play in the first half of 2023 as we’re busy getting ready for all of these releases. 

What’s planned for 2023? 

This year is already shaping up to being a massive one for us. We have plans to be releasing songs all year and with every song being completely different from one another but huge in their own way, we’re making sure every song released has its own light to be experienced at the fullest and to give everyone a spot in this journey with us! 

Favourite food and hangout place? 

KFC – Large Zinger Stacker Box with Mountain Dew.



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