by the partae

Do you have any passions other than music? 

Other than writing songs and performing, I’m hooked on conspiracy theory shows and true crime stories! I love animals too – I miss my dog so much. When I visit home, I take him out and hang out with him.

What inspires the electronic sound that you use in your music?

I love experimenting with different sounds and playing around with synth and apps and its really cool to create/find sounds to emotions and have that come across in my songs.

What was the first song you fell in love with?

Would have to be without a doubt, (pardon the pun!) No Doubts’s ‘It’s my life’ I just love that song.

When you first started music, did the people around you take your passion seriously?

I did a lot of busking  and playing in dodgy bars (mum & dad were always there) in my early teens, and people would always come up to me after a song and tell me how much they loved my voice. I can’t tell you how many times people would say I should go on those talent shows! Once I started singing in the local big band – we played at festivals – I was 13 and that’s when people started to take notice. So from there, you get the idea that it’s worth doing. Since I was very young, I always knew what I wanted to do, sing, perform and write songs. It also took a while to convince the rest of m family that being a musician is a real job, but I stuck it out and they accept it now.

What did your family do to encourage you?

When my mum was told by my year one teacher, that I could sing, that’s when they started to send me to singing and dancing classes and it just progressed from there. I’d be asked to sing at school assemblies all the time. They have been so supportive, and have been the roadies at almost every gig that I have done since I was about 13. They are still with me supporting me the whole way, I love them to bits!

What top 3 pop sensations have inspired you and your music?

That’s hard to narrow it down to three: there’s so many artists out there that I listen to all the time, but I guess my top three would be Syd tha Kid, George Maple and Banks.

How important would you say your image is to your music?

I take the image part really seriously as my live performance is about the entire show. I have worked hard to create my own sound and style, so the outfits that I wear on stage have to propel the ‘vibe’.  I have just started introducing dancers on stage to bring about more impact to the songs and the on-stage visuals. And I think it also appeals to my audience too.

Who would you most love to open for?

Definitely The XX, to open for All Day would be pretty cool too

What advice do you have on songwriting for young upcoming writers?

It is important to write down everything that pops in to your mind. I always do, even if I just use the voice recording app on my phone, whatever you have on hand to note an idea, chorus, melody or chords, and one thing that l’ve learnt, is to create songs that everyone can relate to and that’s what makes a good song.

Do you think you will experiment with other genres in future?

If so which genre would you love to explore? Quite possibly, but who knows, you never know what is around the corner!  If anything, I’d experiment with jazz, something a bit sassy – I sang lead vocals with a big band for a few years while I was in high-school and really enjoyed that.

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