Dark and Industrial Techno Monster: Ascorbite’s new LP for Corseque Records

by the partae


A good story has a great beginning and an equally strong ending. Producers forget this: that it’s not only about the middle, its not only about the drop. This is not the case of new born Swedish techno label Corseque Records’ upcoming release, Macrocosmic Framework.

Created by Ascorbite, are ten tracks that easily build an eerie and bloodcurdling carnival of dementia, through a methodized structure. You will be captivated by this outlandish production, by visiting your inner self as you dance or simply imagine whatever vile things come to your mind.

It all starts by a perfectly conceived prologue that lures you into Devour Affliction, a metallic and anesthetic world that takes you on a road to a wasteland of hard hitting beats and trance inducing synths with Habitual Longing. Then you will enter a cavernous factory filled with nefariously fusible drums, that will send you straight to the hellish and blazingly overwhelming next track, Second Range Of Vision. If you are not catatonic by this moment, Virtuous Infelicity will attack you with unpragmatic and anarchic hellions, you will hear their demonic voices communicated through an abstract sound design in the profound and unbelievable Burning Pendulum. Next comes Unbleached, a bassy track that will turn you into a mechanically automated fiend as soon as you start to frolic to this dark song. Before the ending comes, the dreadfully melodic Shading will make you feel that maybe there is a safe heaven in the pit. Unfolding (Serenity) is an epilogue that contradicts the second half of its name, there is nothing serene about it, or maybe letting the darkness take you, and stop the fighting, is, in fact, serene.

Corseque Records, owned by Ascorbite himself, will emerge from the shadows for the first time with Macrocosmic Framework on January 25th, get it digitally or on 12” vinyl.



01. Divination (Introversion)
02. Devour Affliction
03. Habitual Longing
04. Disaffection
05. Second Range Of Vision
06. Virtuous Infelicity
07. Burning Pendulum
08. Unbleached
09. Shading
10. Unfolding (Serenity)

Artist: Ascorbite
Title: Macrocosmic Framework
Label: Corseque Records
Release Date: January 25th 2019

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