‘Curtain Twitcher’ EP remixed by Peder Mannerfelt is the first single from Special Requests new LP

by the partae


artist Special Request
title Curtain Twitcher EP
label Houndstooth
date 15th September 2017
format digital
cat. # HTH081


01. Curtain Twitcher
02. Emutraxx
03. Curtain Twitcher (Nosey Parker Mix)
04. Trippethylophosphazene
05. No Phone Calls
06. Real (Peder Mannerfelt Remix)

Special Request’s LP ‘Belief System’ will be released on CD/ digital/ vinyl on 13th October via Houndstoo

Special Request returns taking no prisoners with a fierce battery of snarling, belligerent, machine-funk of the highest order across a 6 track EP. Atoms are smashed, vapour clouds sent into the ether, chaos is controlled, tamed and rendered in 6 different shades of wrong… also features a deliciously spannered rework by Peder Mannerfelt to close out the ceremony.t

 Listen to and download this release

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