CRESCENT Shares New Song ‘Impressions’

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Shares new song ‘Impressions’

Taken from new album Resin Pockets out 26th May on Geographic Music

“More than purely hindsight, Resin Pockets carries the bittersweet sting of ephemerality, the awareness that today’s smallest moments can accrue the mass of significance to form tomorrow’s nostalgia.” WIRE

Matt Jones’s Crescent’s first album in ten years, Resin Pockets, is released on 26th May through Geographic Music. Following the release of its opening song, ‘Get Yourself Tidy’, Jones has now shared another song from the album in ‘Impressions’. Listen to it now HERE.

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“’Impressions’ is partly about the river I cross on the way into town, which is tidal”, says Jones of the new song. “Sometimes a landscape of rivulets and mud ridges, other times a broad surface, inching across the pavements. Once I saw a big block of polystyrene floating upstream with a small tree growing out of it. The graffitti’d bridge in the video I’ve made has since been repainted. Resin Pockets is my/our first record for ten years, and it’s been slowly accumulated out of recordings done mostly on Friday lunchtimes – all the loud sounds, drums, electric guitars were recorded in my local park, under a raised dual carriageway – if you’re recording near a road, the quietest place is underneath it.  I’ve been interested in outdoor music for a while now, from listening to old ethnographic LPs, to Brotzmann’s Scwarzwaldfahrt, to Blithe sons/Franciscan Hobbies. Movietone, Crescent’s sister/brother band, recorded outdoors on several of their LPs – I like the way it lets the world in and onto the tape, unexpected accompaniments, interruptions, coincidences.”

The nine songs on Resin Pockets were recorded both indoors and outdoors, in everyday spaces. Matt predominantly performed the album, in collaboration with his brother Sam on drums, tambourine and ‘lookout’, though some other familiar faces appear, too: Kate Wright of Movietone is part of the evening chorus that closes “Roman Roads”; Lisa Brook and Michal William of Headfall are there, too, huffing away on melodicas.

Jones’s community, of course, crested the wave of home-recorded pop and experiment that erupted in Bristol during the mid-to-late 1990s. Centred, to some degree, around Bristol’s Revolver Records, a store recently hymned by author Richard King in his elegiac Original Rockers, the key operatives of this loose ‘scene’ – flying saucer attack, Movietone, Third Eye Foundation, Amp, Foehn, most of whom released records on King’s independent label, Planet – made a virtue of necessity, recording in bedsits, on four-tracks, onto cassettes, with often improvised and jerry-rigged equipment. It was unassuming music that offered exploratory listeners a quiet revolution. Crescent were central to this scene, releasing some of its finest records, from the thorny thickets of noise-rock on their debut, 1996’s Now, to the murky dub experiments of 1997’s Electronic Sound Constructions, through to the distressed, evocative song surfaces of 2003’s By The Roads & The Fields and 2007’s Little Waves.

Resin Pockets will be released on standard 12” vinyl, CD and digitally on 26th May on Geographic Music.

Pre-order Resin Pockets on 12” vinyl HERE
Pre-order Resin Pockets on CD HERE
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EMI Press Release

Resin Pockets tracklist

Get Yourself Tidy
I’m Not Awake
Willow Pattern
Lightbulbs in The Trees
Roman Roads

EMI Press Release


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