Other Creatures share second single ‘Soft & Sweet’

by the partae

Other Creatures: Soft & Sweet 

Listen Here:

London Show – 14/11/17 – The Islington

Dublin newcomers Other Creatures are set to announce the second single, “Soft And Sweet” from their aptly titled “The First EP” via indie label Trout Records. Joining their label mates Saint Sister, Tandem Felix and Spies, they are the latest act to emerge from a country teeming with talent.

Their second ever release, Soft And Sweet, is an assault on the senses– clamorous drums, pulsating bass, beach bleached guitar and melancholic vocals. It is the sound of 3 young men unsure of themselves and the world around them.

Friends since school, the trio consist of Dave Rogers on drums/vocals, Fionn Fitzpatrick on bass and Konrad Timon on guitar/vocals. The decision as to who should be the band’s main vocalist was not made lightly. The band spent a year auditioning people, never quite finding the right person to complement the group. “We spent about a year trying to find one while in the meantime we would make instrumental songs which in hindsight were pretty terrible but I think tightened us up as a band quite a lot”
It was with great reluctance that Timon overcame his natural introversion and assumed the position of frontman. Despite their early difficulties and insecurities,. their sound exudes a brashness and confidence. It is clear that Other Creatures have impeccable taste – their flair with melody can be traced back to early Pavement and Pixies, a decidedly American sound.

Timon says of the project “I’ve never considered pop a bad thing, we’ve always loved melodies”. At a time when the lines between what used to be considered ‘pop’ and ‘indie’ are now much more blurred, Other Creatures embrace that dualism.


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