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“The soulful vocalist is a performer of real depth, a fastidious artist who makes sure each new step is the right one.” – CLASH

“Connie Constance is making her mark” – Elle Australia

“A voice that gives you goosebumps” – Wonderland

English Rose is the long awaited debut album from Connie Constance. A poetic and sonically diverse body of work, English Rose will be released March 22nd via AMF Records / Caroline Australia. The album’s title track – a minimal reinterpretation of The Jam’s 1978 classic ‘English Rose’ is available to stream now.

The cover of ‘English Rose’ is indicative of Connie’s unpredictable approach to songcraft, as well as her need to challenge the status quo. ‘English Rose’ is a deeply personal track to Connie, as well as one that summises her ethos. She says: “My stepdad used to play ‘English Rose’ all the time when I was young. Even back then, I realised how beautiful that song is. It reminds me of everything I love that is British. The main thing behind the album for me is trying to reshape the identity of the English rose. It’s like… what do British people look like now? Because we certainly don’t all look the same. And that’s part of my message: inclusivity. Asking what young UK people look like now – what are our English roses today? For me, it felt important to show how diverse this country is.


English Rose is Connie’s document on how she sees herself and her generation right now. Throughout the album she takes a microscope to society, asking questions about the people around her, as well as herself. Her unique perspective finds her making poetic observations over a soundtrack that takes in elements of jazz, r’n’b, indie and more. English Rose includes her recent single, the BBC Radio 1 favourite ‘Fast Cars’, as well as fan favourites ‘Let Go’ and ‘Yesterday’. Connie co-wrote songs on the album with a diverse array of incredible talent, including Mura MasaKwesi DarkoDave Okumu andAlfa MistEnglish Rose also includes production from Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys).

In the current crop of new UK artists, 23-year-old Connie stands alone, making indie rock-influenced, off-kilter soul with poetic narratives. Without the constraints of one particular style or genre, Connie has created a sound that references Britain’s great musical history, whilst driving it forward with new ideas and Connie’s individual viewpoint.

English Rose Tracklist:
1. English Rose
2. Fast Cars
3. I Want Out
4. Bloody British Me
5. Yesterday
6. Bad Vibes
7. Give & Take
8. Blooming in Solitude
9. Grey Area
10. Let Go
11. End Credits (Sober)
Connie Constance – English Rose
Out March 22nd via AMF Records / Caroline Australia
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