Coffee Project (mem. of Less Than Jake) Wasted Love Music Video

by the partae

Coffee Project Wasted Love Music Video

Coffee Project has premiered a music video for “Wasted Love  via The Bad Copy. The duo also answered a few interview questions regarding the history of the band and their new EP. You can check out the video and interview here. “Wasted Love” is the title track of their new EP that was released on June 16th, digitally and on vinyl, by A-F Records.

Music Video/Interview:

Bio: Coffee Project is an acoustic duo, with the heart of a punk band, from Gainesville, Florida. Formed in the wet hot Gainesvillian summer of 2006, Coffee Project initially served as an outlet for Jake Crown (Savage Brewtality) and Buddy Schaub (Less Than Jake) to write and record some song ideas that didn’t quite work in their other bands. That itch to work together would go on to blossom into 10 years and 3 records worth of material that, while at the core being upbeat acoustic pop songs, are also incredibly personal and relatable.

Release Date: June 16th, 2017
Label: A-F Records
Pre-Order Link:​



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